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5 weeks 4 days pregnant with gestational sac, but no fetal pole.

I was told today by an ER doctor that there is a "99%" chance that i will miscarry because at 5 weeks 4 days there is no visible yolk sac or fetal pole on an ultrasound yet. I have read online all over the place that this can be perfectly normal so i am really confused. I have had zero bleeding or cramping and in 48 hours my HcG doubled from 3300 to almost 7000, and there have been no signs of miscarriage.. I'm wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this? How it turned out? I go to my OB on Tuesday. I think the ER doc was wrong..
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ER doctors are trained in triage of emergency cases, emergency life-saving techniques, and deciding what people who come in with problems should be admitted to the hospital.  An ER is a lousy place to get thoughtful analysis and careful discussion of the status of an early pregnancy.  If your hCG numbers are doubling, take that as evidence that all is going OK.  See your own ob-gyn and things will probably be looking up.  Good luck!
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Well, OK, lousy was too strong a word; I've had good ER doctors even when the issue was gynecological, and they will even call in an ob-gyn if it gets past their expertise.  But I would not take an ER doctor's opinion about an early pregnancy issue over an ob-gyn's opinion about it.
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I had ultrasound and was told 5 wk 4 d and same thing as you by ultrasound tech but I spoke to my obgyn the next day and he said do not panick that still very early in pregnancy doing a repeat scan in ten days and see if anything changed. So there's a chance you are just to soon to see anything.
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