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6 week fetal pole, 8 week yolk sac

I just found on 10/30 that I was pregnant - went to the doc's on Tuesday and had it confirmed by a blood test.  Because I went 3 years w/out a cycle, and they only started coming back sporadically about a year ago, I had absolutely no idea when I conceived.  I went in yesterday for my 1st u/s and was told the yolk sac measured at 7 weeks, 6 days, but the fetal pole measured at 6 weeks, 1 day, with no hb.  The doctor on site seemed to think it was not a viable pregnancy, but said I was in a "grey area" because of the 6 week/8 week thing, so she wouldn't say for sure.  I went straight for another HCG quant test, but won't get the results until later today.  

I'm devastated - I've been wanting to get pregnant for five years now, and I'm already 39.  I have a feeling this is my one and only chance.  I have another u/s scheduled for the end of next week, but the waiting is killing me.  I did nothing but cry all afternoon yesterday (the extra hormones aren't helping, I'm sure...)

Has anyone else been in this same boat?  I read some other posts where there was a yolk sac but no pole, but I didn't see anything where there was a 2 week discrepancy between the two.  The doctor at the radiology place seemed to think that the fetal pole probably stopped growing and the yolk just didn't get the message yet.  My regular OBGYN said that if there's no heartbeat next week she wants to schedule a D&C (if I don't miscarriage naturally by then).

Any info, suggestions, and/or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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I'm so sorry that you are finding yourself in this very anxiety producing situation.  Unfortunately, your doctor is quite right...this is a "grey area".  

Remember that ultrasound is not infallible.  Many things can influence size/dating measurements.  It is not impossible for the next scan to have shown growth/heart beat that you want to see.  

  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. There is absolutely nothing else to do at this point in time.  You will be in my thoughts.  I hope for a good outcome for you.  
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Thank you for your kind words.  Unfortunately, the blood test results came back showing a drop in HCG levels.  I have to go in for a final u/s and blood work on Tuesday (for confirmation), then the doctor wants to schedule the D&C.  I'm crushed, but at least now I know.  

Guess all you can do is pick up the pieces and try again, right?  We're going to keep trying until I hit 40 in June.  So that's still about 7 more chances.

I truly wish everyone the best, and hope that you all find yourselves the parent of a happy and healty little one.
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