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Abit of fun - OLD WIVES TALES

Hello all!

Ok so, how many of you have tried the ring over the belly test?
And how many of you did it work for? Circles for boy and side to side for girl yes?
I did it for my dd and ds but can't remember what the outcome was, I did do it very early on though, can you do the test from early on?

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I forgot about that one! How does it work again? put a ring on a string or something?
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Yes, wedding ring on a piece of string and hold it over your belly, circles indicates a boy, side to side indicates a girl. I am 5w 5d today, would that be too soon?
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Just for fun i would go ahead and try it... tell us what it says and then when you go for your us to find out the sex then update us...
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If your not married , can you use someone elses ring ??
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I will try it for sure, only thing is will have to wait until little critter comes out as the hospital where we have scan do not give out the sex of the baby, we could pay but it
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Darn, I thought this was going to be a collection of the old wives' tales we have been hearing from people.  Was looking forward to seeing if anyone could top the stupidest one that was told to me (which was "if a cat breathes on you when you are pregnant the baby will die.")  I suppose everyone has been told by their favorite old wife that if you have a lot of heartburn the baby will be born with a lot of hair?  LOL
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