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Ablation and pregnangy

I had an ablation in March of 2007, I am 28 and have 2 children.  Recently my boyfriend and I have discussed getting married and having children.  Although we both know that it probably won't happen, does anyone have any advice on maybe if we have a chance and what I should do to get us ready?  I have very heavy periods, but now I really regret having the ablation done!  Any advice or hope would be great!
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Honey, you should never try to get pregnant after having an ablation.  It's not just a matter of "it probably won't happen," as in "maybe our chances aren't very good of getting pregnant," it's a matter of being life-threatening to you if you do.  Please don't take this lightly.
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I had an ablation done last year, and the only reason my doc didn't tie my tubes before hand is because she knew I was happly married and that my husband had already had vesectomy.  You cannot get pregnant.  It is dangerous to you an to the baby you would be carrying.  There is a chance you can get pregnant but what will happen is your baby will miscarry.  Didn't the doc explain to you the dangers of getting pregnant after the ablation?  This is not a topic of discussion anymore.  Your lining has been burnt and therefore an egg will probably not attach.
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Hey laura! anyway i just want to know what ablation is...i tried looking it up online and couldnt find a good definition.
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My doctor told me is is unlikely to get pregnant.  But no it was no explained that it would be dangerous.  Thank you for all the advice.
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They should have told you never to conceive after an ablation.  It can be life threatening.  
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