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After mc, and HCG zero, how long did it take for AF to return??

After mc, and HCG zero, how long did it take for AF to return (how many weeks)??
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Good morning.  I am waiting for my HCG to drop to 0, but my ob said once it does to expect AF in 2-4 weeks.  Some may depend on how far along you were and how long it took to drop to 0.  Not an exact science by any means, but a general idea.  

Good luck and let us know.
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What was your high HCG?? Mine was 48,000 it then went from that to 8,000 to 827, 425, 157,
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I had a MC and D&C on Sept. 12.  No AF yet.  Doctor finally put me on Provera last Monday to try and jumpstart it.  Hopefully we'll both get one soon.  Good luck to you!
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You may get your period back before your hCG drops. I did -- it resumed 4.5 weeks post-D&C (my hCG was 91,000 the day before the procedure). It was a normal 7-day cycle, and I'm now on my second AF post-D&C (this second period started 26 days after the first one). Still, it's pretty unlikely that I've ovulated yet. My hCG was still at 13 as of last Thursday (the day before AF #2 started). Good luck!
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After my previous miscarriage and D&C, AF came bounding full force about 3-4 weeks after procedure. I had the first dreadful day of m/c on May 29th 2005 (the day my nephew was born), and had bleeding up until July 18th, when they performed my D&C. It took a good 5 weeks for my hcg to drop when I first m/c and I was only at 500 or so (barely pregnant). Doctor told me that the best time to try to conceive is right after m/c, but it was too emotionally painful at the time to try. Take care of yourself, and wish you only good things.
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Had first m/c with d&c on 13 Jan 2006 at around 9 weeks, though fetus only developed to 6 weeks.  AF came on 14 Feb 2006.  HCG level was around 19,500 on day before d&c, i.e. 12 Jan 2006.

2nd m/c with d&c on 18 Oct 2006 at 9 weeks (fetus died at 8 weeks plus).  AF came on 16 Nov 2006.  No HCG test.

So both times, AF came around 4 to 4.5 weeks after d&c.  Both times, didn't test for hcg levels to reduce to 0.

Hope this helps.
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I had a D&C on Nov 10th, I was 11 weeks baby died at 8 weeks
My HCG was only 1,000 its been 11 days since and I used a ovulation test and it came out that the lurge was postive.
I dunno if i really am ovulating I guess ill wait and see on wed for my check up.
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