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Amoxycillin taken during pregnancy

im now pregnant with my first child, im in my 11 weeks pregnancy. recently i went to my dentist for a root canal, my face swollen after i got home, the next day i saw my doctor again, he prescribed me with amoxicillin 250mg to be taken 2 tablet 3 times daily for 5 days. im really concern on taking any kind of drugs during my pregnancy...i love my baby and worry it might effect it...please help me.
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You need to have some trust with your dr.  My OB/GYN gave me amoxycillin for a UT infection when I was pg.  
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I agree with Tanker Chic.  Amoxycillin is classified as a Class B  drug which means no links between the drug and congenital defects exist and controlled studies in animals show no adverse effects on fetus.  Also, keep in mind that an untreated infection poses a danger to your baby.
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I have been on antibiotics for most of my last three pregancies
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I had to take Amoxycillin when I was about 2 or 3 months along with my first born. There were some drugs he wanted to give me but couldn't because I was pregnant but reassured me that Amocycillin was safe during pregnancy.
Just to let you know, that baby is now a healthy, good looking and very smart 20 year old who is in college right now! I hope that makes you feel better! :)
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When I did IVF they had me on antibiotics at the beginning, to protect against any possibility of infection when they transferred the embryo.  They are VERY serious about their success rates, so you know they would not use an antibiotic if it were dangerous to a pregnancy.
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Im 16 weeks and am currently taking amoxycillin for a UT infection, i was worried about taking any kind of tablets as i didnt want to harm my baby (as i have had a previous miscarriage) but the doc reassured me that amoxycillin is fine to take during pregnancy.

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