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Been told one sex and another came out??

Okay, so I'm probably just being really paranoid. But I was told I was having a girl (I already have a beautiful son). I wanted a girl sooooo bad. My husband and I went nuts preparing for a baby girl .... nursery, clothes, you name it. But what if the ultrasound was wrong?? Has this ever happened to anyone? My tech gave me no indication that she doubted I was having a girl. It's just my own insanity! But I was just curious. Thanks!
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One of my friend's friend had this happen to her! She was told she was having a girl, had a baby shower, and had blankets and clothing embroidered with the would-be-girl baby's name-Reese. She was totally suprised when she gave birth to a little boy...She was completely unprepared for a boy! She was thrilled of course, but at the same time completely shocked. I guess the technician confused a penis w/ a girl with a cord between the legs. My guess is that s/he was not a very good technician, or s/he was having an off day the day of her U/S. I really think this is completely UNcommon though. But I 'm sure in your case, in  all probabilitly what the tech saw is what you are having. This is the only story I have ever heard about a sex mix up. Good luck w/ your baby girl :)
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Between me and 3 of my siblings, we have 11 kids. The ultrasound was right every time. I will say though, that I have a friend who was told she was having a 7 pound girl only a week before she delivered a 10 pound boy. She's the only one I've personally known to get the wrong answer from a modern ultrasound.
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I don't know anyone personally that this has happened to but that was also a worry of mine.  I didn't care one way or the other on what gender I was having (it was our first)  but my fear was buying all of the pink ect. and then having a boy.  In fact in my last 6 weeks I would have complete strangers come up to me  all the time at the mall or somewhere in public and say oh, your having a boy.  Of course by the way I was carrying (of course an old wives tale) or some other way they thought they could tell and I would be freaking out.  I couldn't help but think the tech was wrong.  I ended up having the girl that they had predicted all along.   :)
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my ex sil was told a girl. she had many u/s due to problems, and not untill she pushed the baby out and a few min passed that they realized it was a boy!!!!
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My husband's cousin was told it was a girl and ended up being a boy, and one of my coworkers friends was told the same was a girl and ended up as a boy.
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I personally would rather NOT know ...than to know Wrong.  It happened to a friend of mine, and she was unable to return the prepainted nursery!  another friend of mine is an ultrasound tech and she says they can easily be wrong!
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I think it is more sure if they say "boy" and more mistakes can happen if they say "girl"!  For your sake I hope you have a girl!  I had an ultrasound with all 5 of my kids (2 girls and 3 boys) and they have never been wrong!
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My cousin was told girl and it was a boy. I have never heard of it the other way around, where they say boy and it's a girl. But it is still rare. I was told girl with all four of my girls and they were all right. This is my fifth pregnancy and even though I've been told boy three times, I'm still scared!! I want a boy SO bad. I'm getting a 4D ultrasound done on May 25th. It better still be a boy! I'm sure your girl news is correct though. Congratulations!!
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I had the same fear after I stocked up on blue clothes......but after 3 u/s by my doc and a tech and my own 2 eyes seeing little boy parts I'm relatively at ease!  lol
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I was told my first was a girl, i was so happy then when i delverd it was a boy..i was ver suprised but dident matter ws my first.. the next 3 the us was right on
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my little brother was supposed to be a girl through two ultrasounds. that was 18 years ago so maybe technology has improved, but i know we almost brought him home in pink .lol. seems to be more common with "girls" turning out to be boys. if you are really worried you can always spend the extra and go get a 4d scan done.
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I am feeling the same way.  I was told I am having a girl and have a 3 year old boy.  The technician told me it was 100% and I can even tell by the ultrasound, but while picking out pink paint, I started thinking, what if she's a boy!  I am going to an ultrasound studio today to have a 4D just to reassure myself!  I know we are silly, but with my son there was no doubt that he had a penis and I just keep thinking what if it was just hiding or something.  I did see the three lines really clearly, so I think it is a definite girl, but I am just skeptical.
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