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Bleeding after D

I had a D&C last Thursday after discovering at my 11-week prenatal visit that the baby had died at 8 weeks. The procedure went fine, but I'm still bleeding (like a mild to moderate period). I took prescription anti-bleeding medication (methergine) for five days, but it didn't do much.

(As a side note: I'm a redhead, and my GP, OB, and dentist have *all* told me that redheads tend to be "bleeders.")

My doctor is somewhat concerned (although not too much), and wants to monitor my hCG levels to rule out a partial molar pregnancy or an incomplete D&C.

For others who've had D&Cs: How long did you bleed, and how quickly did your hCG levels return to zero?

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I had a d&c on the 19th and bled until the 23rd. I have not had my hcg levels taken since the d&c so I don't know where they're at. I go for my f/u appt on Weds so maybe my Dr will check it then.
I have never heard that about redheads...has that been scientifically proven? I'd love to know the reason for that!
I hope you are feeling okay, and I'm so sorry that you are going through this.
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When you have a D and C you are sapposed to bleed anywhere for up to 14 days...that is what all the literature says...anything past that is when you are sapposed to worry.  I am suprised you got perscribed something to make you "stop" bleeding any time before that.  It is from my understanding that you "want" to bleed as much as possible to clean yourself out.  Your body will still naturally do it.  I have been bleeding for over 14 days and went to see my doc.  He has given me something to make me bleed more..in other words contract the uterus to completely clean it out...if it doesn't work then we will have to do another D and C.  You want that blood out of you...if you want to concieve again.
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well I had my d&c in july.  I too had to have the methergine.  two doses so I bleed for about 4 weeks total.  my levels just returned to zero about 2 and half weeks ago  still no af life just sucks .  I'd like to say it gets easier but its hasn't for me yet..  I was 11 weeks went for a routine appt and they did the doppler no hb then sent me for an ultrasound just to make sureeverything was okay and I was assured it was and poof everything gone.  I was totally shocked I had had an ultrasound three weeks prior and saw the babys hb and everything.
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I appreciate all the replies. I think my doctor was just surprised that I'd still have period-like bleeding (and not just spotting) eight days later, despite a pretty extensive D&C and 15 doses of methergine. I called this morning, and my hCG levels are down to 2,100 (from 91,000 last Thursday). I was hoping they'd be closer to zero by now, but my doctor seems satisfied with how quickly they've dropped. I go back in two weeks to have them checked again.

As far as redheads being bleeders, I'm not sure about there being any scientific proof, but I've heard it so many times from different healthcare providers that I'm inclined to believe it. In my case, it's always been true (I had a wisdom tooth pulled a few years ago, and I bled for 2.5 weeks). It may not be that I bleed "more," but I do seem to bleed longer. When my last two children were born, I was immediately given methergine, too.

Thanks again for all the replies. I'm starting to feel better about things, but I *really* want the bleeding to stop so we can conceive again.

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If you have been bleeding for that long you might still have something in you.  I went to my doc Tues just because I was bleeding for over 14 days...he did an ultrasound and there was stuff in my uterus.  He didn't seem too concerned because he thinks it might just be blood...and gave me some pills to help rid myself of whatever is in there.  But still....if it is not all out by next week we are going to do another d and c...the longer that stuff is in there the high chance of infection...and the longer you will wait to ttc.  It is really bad to have stuff still in there...and from what I understand that is the only reason someone would be bleeding that long after a d and c.  when you have a natural miscarriage you can bleed for a lot lot longer....because you are "naturally" being cleaned out.
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my bleeding wasn't heavy though and I am no longer bleeding just waiting for my af to arrive. I had to wear a pantyliner .  no thick pad or anything what sucked was I was on vacation that week and it totally ruined it.  my summer sucked but it will get better can't get much worse..
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My bleeding wasn't heavy at all either.  In fact, I havn't had to wear anything.  But when I did the ultrasound there was stuff in there.  Have you done an ultrasound yet to make sure everything has been cleared out?  Well maybe since your bleeding has stopped you naturally cleaned the rest out.  I just highly highly recommend ultrasounds to women that have had a d and c to make sure they are clean.  I had to ask for it...but I wont risk infection or harming my future conceptions.
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i had a d & c on 9/19 and am still bleeding. went for follow up yesterday, she said everything was normal. im a red head too..maybe thats my problem...good luck to you.
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