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I have a question...for the past 3 days I have had really bad bloating.  I wake up with it and it is usually the worst after I eat.  I am 6 DPO.  I have been reading that this could be an early pregnancy symptom...anyone else have this?  

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i had the "bloating" feeling when i was first pregnant. but thought i was just mmm gassy. my jeans were geting hard to button and shirts were stretching over my belly. so if you are wanting to be prego good luck.
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sorry i ment to say. i was prego. i found out when i was 4w3ds.
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yes i want to be pregnant!  the bloating is ridiculous!  i tend to be bloated the first day or two of my period but today is CD 27 and no period yet so hopefully it will stay away!  I just can't get over how bloated I've been....I literally look like I'm a couple of months along!
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well good luck then. i hope the best for you and keep us updated on everything.
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I have been so bloated for the passed 2 weeks, I feel soooo uncomfortable, I am very thin but with this bloating I look like I am 5 months pregnant.  I am supposed to be getting my period in 4 days, I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it stated I was not pregnant.  I have been also eating like a monster.  I thought I might be pregnant but when I took the test it said I was not.
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