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Cereal @ 3 Weeks old.

My sister took the baby in to the hospital again last night because he still coughing and vomitting.  They occused her of starving him until they saw for themselves the way he has been vomitting.  

My sister had to go to court today, so I have the baby here with me this morning.  The doctor told her to put a teaspoon of cereal in his bottle, and to do that with every feeding to put weight on him.  She fixes 2 ounces at a time.  That seems like alot of cereal to me.  

Has anyone fed cereal to a baby this young through a bottle?  I feel really nervous about this!
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Why are they giving him cereal to put on weight? I don't know the situation or case or circumstances, but I have never heard of a DR. suggesting cereal for an infant that young. If anything, it is empty calories! He should just be having Breast milk or formula alone...

Not sure what to tell you, other than the cereal in a bottle sounds like a terrible idea. I gave my dd cereal very young(but not that young!) and she had all kinds of problems, indigestion and vomiting, and so on,

Perhaps it is the cereal that he continues to vomit that is causing him to not gain weight. His little body is not ready for cereal, not at only 3 weeks!
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Are you sure the doc told her to put cereal in an underweight newborn's bottle?   ??

BH,  is this the same doc who didn't hospitalize the baby?  

Putting cereal in a bottle is a big no no,  doubly so for one who is gagging and coughing.  Can you call the doctor's office for clarification?  I don't think this would fall under confidentiality but if it does,  you could just tell them to offer you generic advice.  In a sick baby who is losing weight,  dehydrated and vomiting,  would cereal in the bottle be typical advise.

Best wishes.  I keep thinking of him,  and wondered if she might be suspected of neglect at some point due to his weight loss.  Great that you're both on it.  

Prayers for his recovery -
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They just started the cereal last night.  Originally they thought he had the pneumonia (I can never spell the word right), but all the tests were negative.  They put him in the hopital and had to run an IV through a vein in his head to give him fluids.  In a matter of a day he gained a half pound, and was able to keep milk down, so they sent him home.  

He has been to the Pedis office almost every day since he was born, and now he's been seen at 2 different hospitals on 4 different days, maybe more than that.  

What is the condition called when a mother unintentionally makes her baby sick?  I can't help but feel that if she would have kept him HOME and not bounced all over NC with him when he was first born that he wouldn't be having all these problems.  She was breastfeeding and doing great at it, but she became frustrated as do soo many other mothers who attempt to breastfeed.

Last night at the hospital they had a social worker talk to my sister, and now she is going to be under a microscope.  They want her to check him into the hospital tomorrow for MORE testing.  This is all sooo very confusing for me.  I am sure it can be genetics.. but my sister is still unsure who the baby's father is.. regardless both men a absolutely WORTHLESS.. one is in jail and the other is unemployed.  So the weight of all her problems are on our shoulders.  I have an eight month old so I can't be tied up at hospitals all day long with her, I can't expose my daughter to that.

That is a little history.  So the cereal is new to him, and so far he's kept it down according to my sister.  

Her bottles have not been modified.  She brought over the bottles from the hospital.. you know the kind that they give you with milk already in them?  Well she saved those bottles and that is what she is using to feed him.  They took him off of the Gentle Ease formula last night and put him on Enfamil Nutramigen.    
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Munchausens by Proxy I think is what you're thinking of - but my guess is,  they're thinking the baby has failure to thrive due to simple neglect.  

Nutramigen might do the trick,  I've really heard great things.  

When she talks to the social worker again,  I hope she can manage to not act defensive even though she must be feeling that way.  I bet she is under the microscope,  you're right.

Hope things turn around for him - very scary.
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Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy what you are thinking of, Rock Rose is right :-) I, however, worry about the mother. Has she seen someone to make sure she does not have post partum depression? Sometimes that causes women to hurt their children, or resent them for putting so  much strain on their lives. She might be making the child sick by not caring for the child properly because she is having some mental/emotion issues. Regardless, if she is intentially making the child sick, CPS will be all over her, so here is to hoping this all gets sorted out. That poor baby!
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I agree with RR, so many things here are suspect, including the pedi.

You certainly don't want to artificially add a ton of weight,especially when it means decreasing the actual nutrition coming in for a child with failure to thrive. The rx formula is a much better way to go.

Have they run a complete GI workup? Sounds like it may possibly pyloric stenosis. I remember taking care of B/G twins and the B had similar issues, turns out he had this and required surgery ASAP.

Who knows, only I know is that cereal this young is just not a good idea. So many kids over the years have gone from healthy babies to miserable babies/toddlers due to sudden onset of allergies that one cannot help but wonder if it was due to the early introduction of solids.

If she has not already, I would encourage her to see a pedi GI and I sincerely hope this isn't a case of Munchausen's by Proxy.
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She is here now and what she says is the Pedi actually told her to use the cereal.  They suspect he has acid reflux.  He also has a heart mur mur (SP?).  

He kept the 2oz bottle down that I gave to him.  I called her Pedi and she said to give him the formula with cereal.  He had not problems drinking it, and it disolved in the formula.  

I helped her setup a feeding chart to keep for reference when speaking to her pedi and to the social workers.  I am not at all impressed with her Pedi, which is also Ava's doctor.  I am not sure if we will use that office again if we decide to have another baby.  I was happy with them, but now I just don't know what to think.  Ava was a healthy baby - but she was born in the spring and not in the cold season.  It is tough to hear this little fella cough like he has been.  His breath is also a little smelly, I'm guessing from the reflux and the new formula.  
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yes i have.. my daughter had extreme acid reflux and i was putting cereal in every bottle when she was 2 weeks old ...
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and the cereal dissolves in the bottle so they will not choke... When your baby has a special circumstance such as acid reflux using cereal is an absolute must! Its the only thing that helps them keep the formula down..  Aubree had every single feeding thickened with cereal and she never once choked... And she has finally outgrown the acid reflux.. tell your sister to hang in there.. its tough with an acid reflux baby they need lots of extra care but it does get easier ( and this is coming from a first time mommy who has been there)
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NO, it is not "an absolute must" I breastfed all of my children and not one of them had cereal in a bottle and my middle has true GERD and the other two were significant "spitters" until around 6 months of age. They nursed, plain and simple.

Bad advice. They should be doing a scope and finding out what is going on before adding that garbage to the bottle. Once they accurately dx it, then they find a way to medically manage it with as little collateral damage as possible. There are well-documented studies that show that adding cereal to bottles and early introduction of solids contribute to not only an increased risk of developing allergies, but also obesity later in life. It does not matter what the reason for doing so, it still has the same consequences. In this instance, the risks do not outweigh the benefits when there are so many options that have not been tested.

I think you are wise to look for a new pedi, BH. Any pedi quick to dx something like this without the expertise or necessary testing and recommend a practice that has been linked to so many problems down the road without consulting a pedi GI needs to go.

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My son would projectile vomit after almost every feeding. It was a rare moment if we weren't all covered in puke.  Not once did any Dr ever tell us to add formula to his bottle.
Something is definately going on here.  You said he gained weight in the hospital and has kept the bottle of formula you gave him down.    That's a good thing.   I wonder why he is vomiting and not gaining weight otherwise.   This is very serious if he continues not to thrive.   Do you think there is any possibility your sister is doing something to cause this whether intentionally or unintentionally?  
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Gosh, I really hate to wonder if maybe she is not really taking care of him very well. If the only thing they did at the hospital was give him IV and he kept a bottle of formula down, then why doesn't he otherwise? This is only speculation but what if she is just not feeding him often enough but not admitting it but just saying that he is puking it back up? Could that be possible Malissa? I mean we here do not know her or what she is capable of other then what you have told us.

I really hope this isn't the case. Is she with others that can observe her caring for him without her knowing it? I really feel for this poor little fella!
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