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Cough in 6wk old baby

Hi there,
My 6week old son was taken to emergency last Saturday with high fever.
The fever was 100.6 and went down with no meds the following day. Hy husband had the flu and the doctors tested his blood,urine and chest X rays just to make sure it's not more than just a flu.

The pediatrition said his cough would go away on it's own within a week. It's almost a week now and the cough doesn't seem to go away. He has been coughing around 7-10 times a day and since last night I noticed the cough has gotten worse.
My husband thinks I am over reacting and taking him in unnecessarily will just make him more sick and he hates when the baby is poked with needles. Please advise whether I should take him in.
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Have you called the doctor to let him/her to update on the situation?  I would probably make a phone call to your doctor.  
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I agree with the above poster.  Anytime you go to the ER they usually have you follow up with your ped & go from there.  If he is still running a temp, I would call as it has been awhile, my kiddos both had reactive airways, so the coughing came on pretty early with them too.  It's tough when they are so little, but not too much you can do for a cough.  Call your Dr. again & let them know the cough is still there.  Cam got RSV at 10 weeks & still had a cough & chest rattle by 4 & 1/2 months, at that point they deemed the cough was too long & he was sent to a pulmonlogist where they gave him meds to help.  They were not concerned that the cough held on for a few weeks as they do sometimes hang in there.  I hope your little one feels better.  Sometimes you need to run in to see the Dr to feel better, sometimes all it takes is a call- there are lots of germs in the office, but sometimes it's good to get a piece of mind.  Take care.
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Hi ladies, I couldn't wait any longer and took him to the after hours ped clinic. Since he has no fever they said not to worry and just to give it another week and to put some saline drops in his nostrils to help him breathe better. His chest is clear so that's good news. I am relieved and thank you for your quick responses.
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