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Could I be pregnant?

I am 29 years old and never been pregnant. I was  suppose to schedule surgery to make sure I do not have endometriosis, to make sure my Fallopian tubes were not blocked or damaged, to see why I can not get pregnant and to remove my fibroids on my uterus and I usually have ovarian cyst which runs in my family and I've been getting them since I was 17 years old. My Insurance did not cover for the X-ray and what not allow me to get the X-ray done because I'm not married so thats why they said they would have to do surgery to see what's going on. Well I  talk to the nurse that called me last month about scheduling my surgery but I could not do the surgery because of financial problems. I let the nurse no about me not having a period she said she was going to get the doctor to call in me some  medicine to help me come on my period.  I did not want to take it without know for sure if i was pregnant. Then my cousin said I do not need to take the medicine til I get some test done and to get a blood pregnancy test done. Well last month I was suppose to get my period April 19 but never did. Well on my period tracker it say I am 18 days late. I still haven't had a period. On May 3rd my boyfriend was so drunk I was trying to help get him of the floor he I accidentally hit me in my stomach with his elbow really hard. Well i was feeling alot of pain in my Lower part my tummy and pelvic area.When I went to pee I was bleeding a little. Then few hours it stopped.  Then Friday to Sunday it was really light bleeding  or then just brown in color. Then later on Sunday it went away again. I have never went a whole month without having a period.
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