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Cramping and Spotting 10 weeks Postpartum

I am 10 weeks postpartum and still am experiencing cramping and minor spotting. Is this the typical aftermath of a c section? I just moved to San Diego and my new OB/GYN cannot see me for another few weeks. I am tempted to go to the ER....But would hate to wait all that time to find out my symptoms are just a normal part of having a c section. Can anyone help?
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I don't know about a C-section but I know that I bled for a LONG time with my daughter. When I went back for my 6 week check up, the doctor said he couldn't do the routine Pap because there was too much blood.  I went back 6 weeks later and he tried again but I was still spotting.  I again redid the Pap but he said this was normal and everyone was different. I bled heavy with her and for a long time. With my son, I bled about 10 days and was done.  I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant again and I'm anxious to see what this one brings.  LOL.   My friend just had a C-section 2 weeks ago and never bled at all.  Very minor spotting for the first 2 days and that was it.  If you are at all concerned, please go to the ER and get checked out. It will at least ease your mind.
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i had c-section on june 23 and i bled only for 7 days and the bleeding stops until last sunday i bled too much then agian i am spotting on and off. with my first baby, i resume bleeding at 6 weeks, and it was very heavy for about ten days and then i had my 1st period after almost 10 weeks, this could be your 1 st period as well.
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