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Daughters weight.. how much is too much?

so my daughter is 9 months old and she weighs 23lbs!!!! .. when she was born she was only 6 lbs 5 ounces! I am not over feeding her i ask my ped and she said i wasn't feeding her enough!!  she is 30inches long as well.. she just started crawling and "cruising" .. i just feel like 23 lbs is alot for her to weigh at just 9 months old... she is in the 95% for her weight and height!   Should I be worried?  I myself am 6 foot tall and my normal weight was right around 180 and her father is 6 '2 and about 260 ... do u think its just heredity?
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If she is in the 95th percentile for her height, shouldn't her weight be also higher??  They measure weight percentiles relative to other kids that age and do not take into account baby's height.  Similarly for adults, we measure bmi (weight relative to height) to figure out if you are overweight.  Weight alone does not tell the whole story.
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this is what the ped told me she is in the 97th for length between 95th and 97th for weight and in the 97th for head circumfrance and weight to length she is between 75th and 90th
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My first was always in the 95th on height and weight, she still is.  (And I'm only 5'4)  Since your dd's just started cruisin' around sometimes they will stay the same weight, even drop a little.  B/c they're moving so much.  If your doc doesn't seem concerned I wouldn't be.  I think as long as they're balanced in their height and weight it's not a big deal.  All kids have different growing spurts.  Right now she may be ahead but, in a few months/years she could be smaller if the "average" kid is growing at that time.
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Well, My ds weighed 22.6 at his 9mo appt. Sure, my kid's big but not fat, well chunky legs but all baby! I think she sounds perfect!
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kellym... aubree has chunky thighs too... lol we call them turkey legs.. hehehe... i think that boys are suppose to weigh more than girls... i think don't quote me .. lol ..

I am probably just worried for nothing.. but i read that a normal weight for a 9 month old is between 15-18lbs.. but i guess what is normal anyway?
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I wouldn't worry too much, she is still little and like you said she is also tall for her age so it is only natural that she will weigh more than average as well.
My cousins baby is 5 months and now weighs in at 22 pounds, now THAT is a chunky baby if you ask me and the doctor doesn't seem worried at all!
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All of my boys were huge. They all hit 20 pounds before 4 months, we all exclusively nursed, and all had heart conditions.

Some babies will be bigger, some smaller. The most important thing is if they are the size they are for the right reason. Stuffing a baby full of garbage solids versus the right nutrition is not healthy and can lead to problems with obesity later in life.

If a baby is a big baby based on a sound diet (breast milk or formula), I would not worry.
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When my daughter was 6 months old her doctor said she was the average size of a twelve month old and now she is almost six and very healthy. I wouldn't worry too much.
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No problem, your baby sounds great!  My nephew was consistently off the charts in weight and height - not to mention 101.5lbs at birth!  It will come off, once he starts walking!
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meant 10.5 lbs lol!
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Sounds normal! Jeremiah is almost 11 months and weighs 28 pounds. Up until a month or two ago he was strictly breastfed. He has chunky legs, but is very healthy. He now has been maintaing his weight since he crawls lighting fast everywhere! =)
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i think that sounds good plus now that baby is moving the weight will start coming off a little bit my son weighed 20 lbs by the time he was 6 months old and he is now 5 and is actually considered a little under weight for his height and age and my 2 year old is 25 lbs but she has always been tiny and had trouble with the weight thing at 7 wks old she was hospitalized because her reflux was so bad and she got down to 5 lbs and she was born at 7lbs 12 oz and my 8 month old weighs 15 lbs now she was 9lbs 3 oz when she was born she actually weighed 19 lbs about a month ago but she has not been feeling well and lost some weight but she is doing better now. i wouldn't worry about it as you can see every child is different and i personally think that a chubby baby is cute my 2 year old looked so sickly when she was a baby.
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