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Depo Provera and pregnancy

I have been on depo for almost a year and a half. My last shot was due on Feb. 17. I took it on Feb.19, but some of the med( about 1/4) came back out of the injection spot ( I tried to give it to myself). It is now march, 28 and I really feel pregnant. I'm experiencing vomiting,dizzines, I'm always tired, and my appetite has increased. I don't have a normal monthly period b/c of the shot, therefore I am having a hard time calculating my weeks. I've taken two hpt and both were neg., but I know my body ( I have two kids already) Is it possible to become pregnant while on the shot? Is it too early to tell? Could I have an ectopic pregnancy?
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Well I am not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV either (LOL :-)~) But I would suggest you do talk to you Doctor. According to all the info I have recieved on the Depo shot it is possible to get pregnant, I just had a misscarriage myself just recently after starting the shot. But I would definitly suggest you talk to your Doctor and get the blood Pregnancy test. Good Luck and keep us posted!!!
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Depo Vera I got preg on depo. I was told that if the bottle is not shaken it is not effective
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