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Diaper rash :(

My poor baby has a pretty bad diaper rash. I've been using desitin and a&d but it doesn't seem to be working?? Any suggestions?
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Hi Cece,
Diaper rash is horrible isn't it?  Destin usually will clear up most cases in a few days (that or Boudreaux's Butt Paste).  Here are a few tried and true tips for getting rid of it, and keeping it from happening again.

Change diapers as soon as they are wet or soiled.

Reduce irritation by using plain water instead of wipes.

Let your baby go without a diaper for short periods of time.

Use a protective barrier cream or ointment on the area after each diaper change.

Try different kinds of diapers to see if another brand will fit better and rub less on your baby’s skin.

When to Worry About Diaper Rash - Your pediatrician should check out the rash if it:
* doesn't not respond to the above measures after 3-5 days.

* has yellow fluid-filled bumps (pustules) in it. This could signal a bacterial infection requiring immediate antibiotic treatment.

* is getting worse, not better.

* is associated with other symptoms, like fever or lethargy.
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I would have to recommend Aquafore. I think it's the best.
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Here is what my ped told us

mix the following into a paste that glides over skin

any zinc oxide baby rash ointment
mylanta liquid (refridgerated can feel good on babies sore bum)
corn starch

We mixed this up and it keeps for a week or so, the mylanta is great for the acidic urine and stools if they are iritating.

Any baby rash ointment can be stored in the fridge to help make a cooling feeling
Babies wipes should never be used when baby has a rash, even the sensitive ones. You can use cotton balls with water, or makeup squares work well too, but the things int he wipes to help them not break down or have bacteria is harsh on babies skin and even more so when the skin is sore already, hope this helps
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Oh those rashes.. they are just terrible.. My son had one that appeared on and off until he was about 3 1/2 months old.
I think I suffered more than he did..
I tried every thing I was recommended and here are a few that worked for me..

Leave the baby with no diaper for about 15mins at least at each diaper change.
Change the diapers often.
Try switching the diaper brand to see if the baby is alergic to any particular brand.. I leaned my son was alergic to Pampers.. (now he's ok with it)
Grind up regular oats into a powder and mix a couple of tea spoons for the bath water.. it soothes their skin in general.. (it makes a good facial scrub too for mommy!)
After you clean... make sure to dry those creases throughly with a soft cloth.
Make sure to cover the area with a good layer of barrier.. good ole Vaseline worked for me.

Just for peace of mind have the Dr. check it out and rule out a bacterial infection.

Hope your little munchkin feels better soon..

I didn't read all the above posts.. sorry if I have repeat their comments.
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Yeast rash.

Go into the female products aisle of your drug store,  and get a yeast cream.  

Monistat.  This cream will cure your baby's yeast diaper rash in 6 hours,  or it's not a yeast infection.

I can't imagine why pediatricians and other providers don't immediately recognize yeast diaper rash.

Best wishes.  
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Organic plain yogurt might also be helpful for some diaper rashes...We've used it on our daughter before...If she's continually getting a rash (like our daughter did) it could be something in her diet that she's having a reaction to and that might be something to look into...just an idea.  We also like to use bag balm or lanolin cream for rashes, luckily her bottom is finally looking good.  Good luck!
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