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Feeding solids and bottle


My 5 month old baby has for months refused the bottle completely. I'd like to stop breastfeeding because it causes me a lot of stress because of my competitive dance career. Too much exercise = less milk. She was half on breastfeed and half on bottle for the first 1.5 months, but then when I started producing more milk, she dropped the bottle and we have not been lucky at all offering the bottle ever since. She gets very upset if we try. We've tried different people giving the bottle, different all available teats on the bottles and nothing works.

We tried solids, but potato, carrot, mango and baby porridges all cause a lot of belly issues for her so I think we'd need to wait a little longer with this.

As a result of being only on breastmilk, this good sleeper has started to wake up recently 5-15 times per night when a month ago it was once a night and sometimes sleeping through.

I'd like to get her on something else, whether it's formula or solids, than just breastmilk so it would be a lot less stress for me.

I'm out of options of what to try. Would anyone have any advice, please. Thank you.
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This is a tough situation you're in because infant need breast milk or formula to be the majority of what they eat until 1 year old. I would keep trying to offer the bottle. Make it as positive as possible. If baby won't take the bottle you're going to have to continue breastfeeding. You may need to cut back on exercise and increase your calorie/fat intake so you produce enough because you don't want baby to become malnourished. As for the baby food maybe her stomach hasn't matured enough to handle it yet. I'd wait a month and try again.
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Thank you very much for your reply.

I saw our nurse during the week and we figured out that as much as the solids are causing some discomfort to the baby as they always do when the intestines start a new job, some of her discomfort has been caused by other things. She's been too warm when sleeping. I thought she felt nice and warm, but she was a little too warm and as my baby is quite sensitive, that's why she's been waking us up and been so tired and grumpy. This has of course been fixed.
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My daughter was like that too what I did was i pour the gerber baby food like apple, potato, sweet potato and beans any fruit and vege baby food on her milk bottle and add litte water and shhe loves it.. I did that until she turns 1 yr and half that is my way to make her consume some vegetable on her body.
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You could try a sippy cup instead of bottle. A lot of times baby has issues at 5/6 months b/c so much is changing, teeth grow in, she is starts to be more independent, rolling and moving. All that stuff causes issues, just wait it out it will get better. Breast is best, but if your really not happy with the situation then switching to formula might be good so your not mad at baby for something your feeling.
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