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Girlfriend had bleeding 2 weeks ago, but still no period?


My girlfriend had her last period on Dec 12th. About 2 weeks ago, while we were having sex, she began to bleed, and so we figured she was getting her period. We stopped. Two nights later, she still didn't have her period, and we had sex again, at which point she began bleeding again. It is now two weeks after the original incident and she still doesn't have her period. Not only that, but she has stopped bleeding during sex. What does this mean? Is it possible she is pregnant? I keep thinking that if she bled at all, she cannot be pregnant (because otherwise what would be bleeding? She has no pain when it happens).

An interesting thing to consider: Before her last period (Dec 12th), similar thing happened where we had sex and she bled. However, that time she got her period within 1 week of this happening. Any advice?
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If she is pregnant,  a home pregnancy test will show it by now.  

Bleeding can happen for all kinds of reasons,  including very sensitive cervix,  ovulation,  etc.

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I would also check for a polyp (very common to have bleeding during intercourse)
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this happened to me and i was preg,
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LT, I hope it ended up well!

Luckily, my girlfriend just got her period today. I guess posting on here is good luck ;). But we definitely do need to check why she is bleeding several weeks before her period...
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amberite, when it happened to me i thought i had came on my period as well the week before so if the bleeding during sex had not happened i prob would not have went to the dr to find out i was preg w/ectopic. and after the ectopic was over it stopped happening. u do need to promote her to go, when i was researching it befoe i found out i was preg i found alot of causes could be cervical erosion basically like an irritated cervix or if she is bleeding off and on it could be hormonal and therefore making her cervix sensitive and bleed during. hope all is well
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The same thing happened to me about once a month.  My doctor said that I had a broken blood vessel on my cervix.  I am not sure what she did but it took only a second and it has never happened again.  I think she sealed the vessel.  I would bring it up to her doctor.  I am glad I did.
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