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H1N1 Vaccine - the time is here and I am scared

I have researched high and low and have decided to get my 2 1/2 year old daughter the shot (not the spray) this week.  My researched has ended with a split from other parents.  1/2 are for it and 1/2 are against it so I did not get much help.

My fear is that I have a 5 month old son who cannot get the shot and I cannot find any research on if my daughter getting the shot will in turn subject him to the virus?  Can anyone answer that?

There is a nationwide shortage on the flu shot and i have not been able to get it???  My doctor is not giving out the N1H1 and I have been searching for it everywhere.  So I am not vaccinated for either (Ii feel like a substance abuser searching the streets for shots)  It is crazy out there.

If anyone has already given their child the shot can you please let me know how they reacted to it and if you have children under 6 months in the house?
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her getting the shot will not expose your son to the virus. there is no live virus in the shot.

my little one is also 2, and i have a 2 month old at home. She is getting the mist on saturday. She was put on this list to get it at the peds because there's an infant at home- otherwise she would've had to wait. my ped is confident its safe and i trust him. plus, dh is a pharmacist and wouldn't allow it if he thought there was a chance the baby would get sick.

i anticipate that she will have a reaction similar to her reaction to the regular flu mist- 3 days after, she had a low fever and slightly runny nose for 24 hrs. She felt and acted fine. DH did not think that the baby would catch it- it's just the body's immune response to the virus, not the virus multiplying and spreading.

i think the most common side effect of the shot is injection site tenderness, and possibly the minor symptoms my dd had after the regular mist. but it will not make either of them sick. Many people claim shots make them sick, when in reality it's being exposed to the germs at the dr's office when you go to get the shot that makes you sick.
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Has your 2-1/2 year old ever had the regular seasonal flu shot?  My guess would be the reaction would be similar to that flu shot.  
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I am 35 weeks pregnant and have a 4 year old who is in pre-school.  I know it's just a matter of time before she is exposed and brings it home as I have already received 2 notices from the school about high absences from flu like symptoms.  I have been really lucky here in NJ, as my OB's office as well as my GP's office have both received the vaccination.  I got it last Friday along with my daughter.  She is absolutely fine, no tenderness, no low grade fever, you'd never know she got it.  She does have to get another one a month later though.  I have been fine besides a terrible migraine I've had since the day I got the shot.  I could just have a migraine unrelated to the shot, I've been known to get them, but it's a pretty bad one.  No other issues.  
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Just got a call from my daughters peds office. The H1N1 was just delievered and Quinn is getting it tomorow. We were on a call list.  It stinks tho as I am 6 months preggers and cannot find the vaccine for myself. Our health dept already ran out in 2 days and my OB is not getting it.  At least I can get our daughter vaccinated.
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Thank you, she goes on Wednesday night at 7pm.  I am not going to sleep all night.  I am such a worrier.  Jake will get it the beginning of December.  

How long is the shot effective for?  I cannot find that online anywhere either.  Are they good till next year or is it like other vaccinations that last forever?

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From what I understand the strain of flu changes every season so it is good for this season only. Next year we will all need new flu shots.
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Hey guys, this is worth checking out, even if you wind up getting the vaccination, it is stuff to think about. Listen to the video and see if it helps you make a sounder descion.
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i am not going to have it or my kids. its too new and they dont what the side effects are. pjust as the cervical cancer vaccine now showed up to have bad side effects. i say no.
it was on the news the other day not to give kids the seasonal flu. to let their bodies immune system get strong. to me it's a lot of misunderstanding. i just dont trust the h1n1 vaccine
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