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My cycles have always been normal..every 28-29 days. My last normal cycle was on 6.5.09. I spotted very very lighty on June 27th-29th. My period should have came on July 2nd or 3rd. It never came and never felt like it was going to. I am not on any birth control and me and my fiace dont use condoms. We've been trying--the if it happens it happens thing. Ive taken 5 hpt's. The first 3 were neg..the fourth had a very very faint 2nd line. So I took the 5th one & it was neg. My breasts are sore and tingly,headaches,and extremely tired all the time. Could I still be pregnant tho???
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I would call the doc and get a blood test.  Some tests are not sensitive enough and it depends on the time of day you took the tests.  If you took the positive ones in the am and the negative ones in the pm then yes; it would make much sense. good luck to you
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From my understanding, even if the 2nd line is faint, it still means a positive.
Best of luck and baby dust to you!
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thank you very much.

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