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Happy B-day to me.... Peek Please comment

I am now convinced my doctor is trying to kill me.
On my wonderful birthday I had to drive 2 1/2hrs to my doctors apt. I get on the road and realize oh s*** the roads are bad, it's icing and raining, so I watch someone spin out on the highway and decide to take it slow from there on out. I get there 15 mins late. Then we end up waiting longer than normal. I normally wouldnt care much except there was a screaming toddler yelling at me and I had to pee like a race horse. So I get called back and I pee and apparently now I'm peeing sugar and protein. Oh how wonderful. My Blood pressure is high for me, but in the normal range, and my hearts racing as always.
So the nurse leaves and we wait for the resident to come in...... Some long time later........ The resident comes in and of course it has to be one I really am not fond of.
She comes in, listens to Alexis Heartbeat which is fine, I guess, since she didn't tell me, nor do I think she even timed it. I am now measuring 4wks ahead. YAY! (can u feel my sarcasm). I tell her about a couple things that are bothering me, and she leaves to go get MY real doctor who is the actual chief of the whole damn hospital, yes im that special. lol
So let's review the things that are wrong or bothering me, the major things, in my eyes.
1) Peeing sugar. so with that result and my chart of recent blood sugars obviously my sugar is way too high.
2) Peeing protein.... big sign of preeclamsia. yay
3) Measuring 4 wks ahead... maybe not such a big problem, but maybe it is I don't know
4) BP that has jumped 30-40 points in the past month
5) My heart rate being in the 150's

#1 So when my doc comes in he focus' on my sugar levels and readjusts my meds, adds a new medicine to the current medicine for in the morning, KNOWING for a fact that 2.5hrs after i take my morning dose my sugar drops to 40 and I almost pass out. In fact it did it in the office today. The nurse had to get me glucose tablets. When my doctor come in I explain this to him and his response to my blood sugar plumetted was "I wouldn't call 40 plumetting." Well wtf is low then?!!?!? Everyone I talk to agrees with me 40 is dangerously low. I get very sick when it gets this low. Jesus Christ!!! So w/e I go along with it just because his next response is we might have to try insulin. I DON'T WANT INSULIN!!!
Ok so we have covered the sugar issue.
#2 HE DIDN'T EVEN MENTION THE PROTEIN IN MY URINE!!! I didn't bring it up either because well 1) I shouldnt have to, hes the doctor. 2) EVERY TIME I bring a concern up, he blows it off.
#3 Doesn't mention this either!
#4 Tells me my blood pressure that i take is wrong because my arm is fat and the cuff I have is probably too small. I think he forgot the time 2 wks ago when I went into labor and delivery and my BP there was 169/100. I KNOW their cuff isn't too small!!!
#5 Completely blows me off.

These are the things that are bothering me. I have other issues, but they are managing those perfectly.
I MEAN WTF Is he trying to kill me?!!?!? My sugars going to drop and kill me or my kidneys are going to shut down soon.

He's so care free and I'm so miserable and he's the only doctor who's ever been able to make me feel stupid.
Like my concerns are dumb and NOTHING is a big deal except my diabetes and cortisol levels.

P.S. Does anyone know if it's ok to take laxatives during pregnancy?? I didn't think it was, but the resident told me I could for constipation.

As hard as this is I wonder if I can get a new doctor at 26wks that will take me on with all my problems??
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Hi, Darkest, I'm sorry you're so miserable.  There is nothing like pregnancy for delivering both joy and misery!

I am not sure if all laxatives are considered OK to take, but you can take stool softeners during pregnancy with no ill effect.  I took Benefiber and it was perfect; no pains, no cramps, nothing unusual.  But that was good, as constipation is unusual!

It might be possible to change doctors, unless your medical issues are so rarefied that only someone with your doctor's expertise could handle it.  I know a woman who changed doctors in her ninth month, just because her technically great specialist had an unfriendly attitude, and she was not sorry.

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I'm sorry you are having such a rough time. I feel like your blood pressure was high because you were so stressed out when you came in for your visit. One time I went in after being in rush hour and my BP was 160/78 something like that so they tested me again right before I left and I was back down to my normal 110/60ish.
It is ok to loose a little protein in your urine, I was loosing protein in my urine for the last couple months of my last pregnancy but it wasn't enough to be worried about.

I am not at all trying to say that you shouldn't be upset with your doctor and I dont know your whole story so dont take offense to my reply. I would maybe call your doctor and talk to him about how you are feeling, he needs to know how upset he is making you. I know you are high risk and I know there are not many doctors for you to see so I'm sure it isn't very simple for you to change OB's but I would look into it if he still doesn't listen to your concerns after you talk to him.
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Actually my BP has been high on multiple occations, in and out of his office, such as at the health clinic in town, and at the pharmacy, they have one of those electronic ones ya know where u sit down and it does it for u.
Maybe the protein isn't a big deal right now..... I don't know how much was actually in my urine. But he shouldnt just ignore the fact either.
I'm not offended by your response. it's ok. I found another doctor closer than 2 1/2hrs away, i will call tomorrow and talk to them. I am not going to just up and switch to someone I know nothing about so I got some questions for the other doctor, before i make the decision to switch doctors, cause for me its a big deal. Its a lot of army and medical paper work. I just want a doctor that listens and makes me feel understood, not someone who makes me feel like a idiot cause i have concerns or don't know something, ya know.
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Darkestlight ~ Sorry you are having such a difficult time, I think you really need to talk to your OB, let him know how you are feeling, make yourself be heard! Even if the issues are not that big of a deal, it is his job to make you feel comfortable with the care you are given, make him help you understand. It is also his job to keep you calm during these times, as you know if your diabetic stress is not good for you as it also alters your metabolics. He should care more, let him know what you expect of him. Good luck dear, try not to be too overwhelmed.

As far as laxatives go, you can take things like colace, mirolax, metamucil stuff like that is all safe to treat your constipation, also extra water and exercise can help SO much. Good luck dear
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Actually - the wrong sized cuff can cause your blood pressure to show up odd - I have a wonderful nurse at my dr's - I tease her about using the "Big Girl Cuff" on me - but she checked it on a normal cuff and on a larger cuff once - blood pressure registered normal on larger cuff and higher on the smaller cuff
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That's true, Rebecka - that happened to me too since I carry weight in my upper arms.

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this - it reminds me of how awful the dr who delivered my last dd and I got along.  We had terrible communication skills & even though I didn't have your issues to deal with, I had some other ones & I wish to God now I had changed doctors - I just felt funny about doing it so late in the pregnancy.

I hope things work out for you!! - jen
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DKL are you still on steroids?  High doses or maintanence?

Steroids can make you spill sugar.  I'm not so sure they'll cause you to spill protein...a small amount is ok.  Has anyone done a 24 hour urine on you, for protein?  I'm not feeling great about your pulse being in the 150's.  Is this at rest?  Can you add the heart rate tracker here on Med Help and take your pulse and record it, after resting for say, 10 min?  You can then print it and take it with you to the doctor, too.

You may want to get a BP cuff at the drugstore, to use at home.  Be sure the cuff is big enough, b/c a cuff that is too small WILL falsely elevate your blood pressure.  You need to take it after sitting still for 10 min, too.   These aren't very expensive.  

Are you measuring 4 weeks ahead by ultrasound, or by just the tape measurer on the tummy?  If its just the fundal height (the tape measurer one), that's not really very accurate, and they wouldn't really make any judgements based on that.  

40 is a pretty low blood sugar.  Pretty darn low.  What are you eating for breakfast?  Is it only after breakfast that it drops, or does it do it through the day, too?

You are a conundrum, girl.   I know your condition is pretty unusual, and it might be hard to get someone who is comfortable taking care of you.  
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I had problems with the cuff when I was in the hospital with high blood pressure. Once we got the right size, after trying 3 different ones, the doctor felt it was giving an accurate blood pressure. Also, I was told to always take it while sitting up and always take it on the left arm because it is more accurate. Those were all things my high risk OB told me.
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Darkeslight- I'm no doctor or close to it but like you, I do my research because I don't really trust doctors. However, your doctor seems to be a good reputable doctor eventhough everyone always has a bad day every once in a while and all doctors are human, they can make mistakes.
The attention issue and being brushed off as if I don't know what I'm talking about is the reason why I went with a midwife.  I am definitely not clueless when it comes to my body and my fertility and I don't appreciate being ignored.  My previous doctor ignored everything that I said right before I had a miscarriage and treated me like an ignorant teenager, which p!$$ed me off beyond belief!  So I switched and I LOOOOVE my midwives.
That being said, I think that you (and I and maybe all of us on MH) have information overload and sometimes it interferes with common sense and nature.  Nature will do whatever the hell it wants and sometimes its not something that you and I nor any doctor can control.  So, maybe (with all due respect) have to relax a little and stop being a backseat driver and trust your doctor a little bit.  I am TRYING MY HARDEST to stop the same thing.
Of course, take care of yourself and monitor everything and take charge of your health, but also you have to let go a liiiitle bit.  I am going to try to do this too because I am the same way.
Your blood pressure seems pretty darn high and your low sugar seems pretty low, I'd bring up that concern with your doctor and also ask about the protein. and say "Look dude, I don't want to die nor do I want this baby to have some serious issues, so I hope that you are aware of all my issues and help me because I'm not a doctor!" :)
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Ya know I've read all the things he's done too. I don't know how someone can be so smart and arrogant and a jerk all at once. I've brought these things up to him, my concerns. He doesn't listen. The doctor I wanted to go to apparently doesn't deliver babies, hes just a specialist, so I'd have to see two doctors and I'm not Okay with that.
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why don't you want insulin?  I took it during my second pg and I was fine.  My blood pressure always measures high when the cuff is too small.. I have high blood pressure and take a pill for it when I was pg. I took methadopa for it.  the fact is if you aren't happy with your dr it is your job to switch... there are good and bad everything dr.'s are no exception.  You health is in your own hands and many times you have to do your own research and demand your own tests.  I have done this many times during my infertility and pg's  good luck
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Darkestlight- are you absolutely sure your sugar level was 40?

If I were you,  I'd call the nurse and ask her to get your chart and confirm that.  At that low sugar level,  it's hard to believe you could carry on a conversation with your doc that made any sense,  or react to the news that your level was 40,  or request glucose pills,  or even remember the event clearly.

Anyone who knows anything at all about blood sugar levels - i.e.,  the doc and nurses who were attending you,  would know that a level of 40 is a cause for great concern.

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