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How to get rid of that pooch after pregnancy?

Ok, I have had 4 kids in 10 years. My youngest (nathan) will be 2 in July. After every baby I have had, I have gained more weight and it's been harder to get rid of it. With Nathan I was on bedrest for 2 months so I gained even more weight.I have been working out a lot and trying to get back into shape, but no matter what I do, I can't get rid of the lower part of my stomach, that pooch you get after having a baby. The top part of my stomach and my waist is slimming down, but that stubborn pooch won't budge. I had a C-section with Nathan across the bikini line, and they had to cut me more than the norm. Is there anyway to get rid of that or am I just going to have to live with it? Maybe I'm just doing the wrong ab excersises?
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I am 16 weeks with my first child, so I am sure my pooch is coming!  But I have heard of and seen the results of my friends who do Yoga or Pilates after having kids.  They look great!  I have done Yoga before as well and my muscles looked really good when I was doing it.  It elongates your muscles, making them really lean.  I would try that.  I hear it works wonders on that pooch.  Good luck to you and if you try taking a class, let me know how it works for you!
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I have the pooch again too.  I finally got rid of it best I could right before I got pregnant again.  I just got back from my 6 week post partum check so I can start exercising again but it is so hard to get rid of.  They tell you crunches help, but be warned that you have to get rid of any fat tissue first, otherwise the crunches will build muscle that will push out your fat and make it look even worse (did that with my first baby).  Best thing to do is to burn the fat and then tighten your belly.  If that isn't working could be that you have extra skin now too from it being stretched.  I think I have that issue too, even when I had a pretty flat tummy, I still had a little loose skin in that area.  Short of a tummy tuck, not much else to do.  Let me know if you find something that works though.
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Hmmm.  Tummy tuck?  I'll start saving now.  :)
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I know, I keep saying I'm getting one, but they are so expensive, and surgery scares me.  After my first baby I was left with baby tummy.  The stretch marks faded, but the texture of my belly is awful.  It got a little better, but after a couple of years I still had that bumpy look.  I was horrified with it, but the Dr. told me surgery was the only thing that would resolve it.  We'll see how brave I am after I'm done having kids.
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I'm still waiting on my "pooch" to go away.  I think that 27 years after childbearing is far to soon to risk exercise or dieting.  I don't want to rupture something, after all.  
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I don't have a pooch yet (because I'm still pregnant:), but I have strech marks all over me! I have them onmy legs, butt, breasts, stomach... it's terrible!! They're dark red and I don't even feel like going to the pool anymore. Will they ever disappear or at the very least fade? And if so when? Please, give me some words of encouragement!
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Peeka you are a hoot, we need a good laugh sometimes
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I am pregnant for the thrid time and before this pregnancy I had a pooch after my daugther 11years ago - I got to 120 which is very small for me and eveything was perfect except my lower belly - I have some extra skin down there to - I keep praying to God to take care of it this time :-)  Maybe that will work!  I am not afraid to have a tummy tuck it's the money - I had my boobs done so I am ok with have other work.
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Vanessa-I got HORRIBLE stretch marks also, and they do fade.  I can't tell you exactly when it happens, but during the first year of your baby's life, you will notice that they are gradually fading away.  They are still there, but they are MUCH less noticable.  They fade to a silvery-white color and will no longer have that shocking red glare screaming out at you!  To everyone else- I have found that pilates have made a WORLD of difference in my lower abdomen.  Don't get me wrong, it is obvious that I've had children...stretch marks, loose skin, but after I started pilates, my belly improved so much, compared to what it was.  I just bought a DVD and do the pilates early in the morning before the kids wake up!  Best of luck to all!
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It's good to know other people have this problem.  I had my second baby three months ago and my belly looks horrific!  I told my dh I would rather go to the beach bottomless than wear a bikini top :) after I had my son I got down to my prepregnancy weight, but my belly still looked horrible, with enough excess skin to pinch a few inches.  Now it's really bad.  I've actually been fuming about this all day because I was watching some reality show on TV and there were these two models who just had babies and they had perfectly flat stomachs.  I don't understand!!!
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I totally feel the same way.  I could cry when I look at those models and stars who bounce back perfectly.  I lost my weight in the first 2 weeks after baby, but now I have the awful belly and no amount of exercise will get rid of the extra skin.  It's hard to take when you are so tired and stressed and then you look down and have to llok at that belly too.  So worth it for the baby though.  Mine started smiling last week.  Gotta love that toothless grin!
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I have three kids and the last one did the  damage. I have always been one of those women that other women hate because I have never looked like I had kids (always had the flat tummy w/o having to work out) and I was a resturant manager. It's been almost 2 years since my last child and I still have the pooch. I didn't get discouraged until I was Shellie Blanks (Billy Blanks daughter and Tae Bo instrustor). She had a firm and nicely cut body and she just had a kid and she also has the pooch. I fear that we may all have to give in to eating well (as a parent I don't know how that works given all the snacks for the kids) and exercising. A lot of AB exercises is not the trick. You have to maniputlate your body and metabolism. Oranges and grapefruit are supposed to speed up the metabolism. What it boils down to is that we have to work at it where before, our bodies did all the work. The sad part is that society has us thinking that we have to be so thin and look a certain way to be "normal." The celebs get personal trainers and work out for hours a day. We should be positive and be patient. However, if anyone has a quick fix please share.
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