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How/when to start baby on whole milk?

I let my dd (11 months old) try lots of different foods with the exception of nuts, eggs, etc..  But I'm pretty sure she's ready for whole milk.  I have her 1 year old appointment next month and am wondering if I should just start her off now?  How did you start your 1 year old on Whole milk and for that matter, nuts and eggs and all the other things they aren't allowed to have. Cold turkey?

Thanks so much!
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i had a little bit of formula left around edwards first birthday, so i gave 1/2 formula and 1/2 milk until that was gone and then just milk after that. it was a fairly easy transition and he drank the milk without a problem. the only thing was that the whole milk gave him pretty bad diarehha after the first week of it, so we eventually switched to 2% which he has been drinking for the last 3 months no problem. i would, if you can, just put a call into the dr. and ask how they reccommend starting it. some advise doing 1/2 and 1/2 and some say just go for it 100%. since i had formula left though, i wasn't about to let it go to waste. that stuff is $$$. good luck!
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also, im pretty sure she should be allowed to have eggs by now. i think my dr. reccommended waiting until 9 months for eggs. def still no nuts or honey tho.
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Avery will be 1 next week but she doesn't go for her 1 year checkup until May 8th. I was wondering how her pediatrician wants me to transition her to whole milk also. Cold turkey or gradually. I guess I will have to call. It will be so much cheaper!!
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I already asked and my doctor said to just start the whole milk same amount whenever you would have given formula but NOT until her first birthday.  So me being me decided to let her taste milk.  Def not cold.  She threw it.  Warm she was not too crazy about it.  Then I mixed it with formual.  2oz formula 3 oz of milk. BINGO - worked but warm.

I started that last week for her morning and afternoon bottles.  Her bedtime bottle is always just formula.

She will be 1 in two weeks I started a little early.  I was running low on formula and refused to buy more.  
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Maybe I will try and give Avery some whole milk this week. She likes her bottles cold now so the temp shouldn't be a problem. Good luck ladies! :)
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oh and Eva eats eggs.
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I actually waited until about 14-15 mos.  I used the 'next step' formula from Enfamil.
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My dr. said the formula Enfamil was milk based and there was NO NEED to  transition slowly. Just cold turkey. I think that the formula is for the calories, not sure but at 11mo's I would just do it...
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thats what my doctor said also. we used enfamil too. he said if he tolerated a milk-based formula with no problem that he should have no problem with milk. i just did the 1/2 and 1/2 to get the most out the formula i had left. vitamens, etc.
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Soraya is on Good Start Soy.  Soy base formula.  I guess I should probably talk to her Dr. about it then.  She isnt use to the cow milk. She had acid reflux in her first 3 months and so we switch it then. She's been on it ever since.
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Since we are talking about milk, my son is 5 months....when is it ok to stop warming his formula?  Can I try to give it to him cold and see how he reacts?
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Avery never really drank warm bottles-luke warm but not warm. She actually prefers her bottles colder. You could try it and see how he likes it. Good luck. :)
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