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I don't know if i could be pregnant or not.. and it's MLK day..

I had unprotected a little over 24 hours ago.. but he did not ejaculate intside of me.. but outside.. what is the likely-hood of me getting pregnant with pre-***? I'm kinda worried but not really.. and Not really sure what to do.. It is MLK day, nothing is open and I can't get answers.. so I was hoping someone could help. I've never thought of this.. but I'm not sure.. I don't want to have anxiety over somthing that isn't a problem. I know that I am at a time of ovulation that is most likely the time I could be pregnant... Just a little worried. thanx:)
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You can get pregnant that way.

You have (I think) 48-72 hours to get emergency contraception.  Talk to your doctor FIRST THING in the morning--don't hesitate to tell the office nurse what kind of time frame you are looking at. Be insistent and don't let them brush you off.

If there is a PP in your neighborhood--sometimes you can walk in and get help.

In the future--be sure you have a prescription for emergency contraception on hand so you don't have to wait.  Also--be responsible regarding sex.  Diseases can happen, too.
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My DH and I do that all the time (pull out method)and I have only got pg the 3 times he did NOT pull out (only 2 babies though)  I know you can get pg that way but it has been successful for us.  I would say you are NOT pg but it is very possible to be.  I would not worry about it.  I would do what the other post said though and call the dr and see what you can do just in case.  If you want to be pg then do not worry and see if you miss your period.  Good Luck to you.
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so I should be worried.. becuase.. i could be? wow.. okay.. No i don't want to be pregnant.. alrighty, thanx everyone.. I wish i knoew the stats.. I'll go to pp 2moro.
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whew girl! The pull out method? LOL I am too afraid of that NOT working to chance it. My aunt did the rythem method (which for years I thought was a WAY of having sex and not a charting method!! LMAO) and it worked for her. She tried 3 times and got 3 babies and otherwise was able to prevent pregnancy using it!

As for us, hello Dr. Snip snip. When Colton celebrates b-day #1-DH will be celebrating his handy little vasectomy!!
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The stats? Well I can tell you my stats if it helps.  Every time I thought I couldn't get pregnant I did.  My first son is a direct result of the rhythm method as well! =) I was doing it on a "safe" day.  Needless to say...definitely go to planned parenthood or your doctor first thing tomorrow.  They will help you out! Good luck but if you don't want to be pregnant, then don't take the chance..
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LOL I always wondered how she trusted that. She still swears by it!
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We ahve always used this joke:

What do you call a couple who uses the pull-out method?


Very unreliable, don't trust it. You can get pregnant from the pre-*** that comes out during sex, not just the grand finale!

Of course, I have been pg twice through condoms, so I do not trust much of anything. I told my husband if I get pg with the IUD in, I am getting the whole works cut out as statistically it is more effective than sterilization!

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HAha.. thanx everyone.. any way... i went to PP this morn.. and everything is taken care of.. if i'm not already pregnant.. then .. I'm pretty much skrewed.. .. I think it's done.. oh well.. i guess I'm gonna have to wait until the beggining of next month to see, if i am or not.. did you know you can use Emergency contraceptives up to 5 days (120 hours) after intercourse.. didn't know that.. well. yea.. thanx again :)
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what do you mean?
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If I'm already pregnant.. Like the sperm already has planted in the egg.. the morning after pill does not effect it.. it is not a abortion pill.. it just decreases some type of fluid or somthing in the body.. that helps decrease the chance of the sperm attaching to the egg.. SO if the sperm had already conjoined together..   and I am pregnant.. the pill will not work.. and i would remain pregnant. but .. it is likely.. that i am not pregnant.. and the pill did work.. so it's all good.. that's all I was trying to say. <3 Julz
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oh.  ok.
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