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I think I am leaving....

I come here to get away from life and spend time with wonderful people-  I have never tried to be hurtful to people, and I write one journal about being frustrated with my husband, and I get a rude message-  I am thinking this online thing isn't so great afterall-  I am SO sad right now, and hurt.....  

so,  I just wanted to say good-bye to all the wonderful ladies on here, and wish you the best in all that you do!  Good luck with your pregnancies!  

Good Bye.
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OMG, what happened?  You are one of the sweetest people I know here, please don't let one rude person run you off.  I am off to check out this journal.....(((Hugs))))
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Don't leave over one person sweetheart.  There are a lot of good people on here and you would be very missed.  I know I love your advice.  Keep your head up.
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tator, I understand the hurt feelings, but don't let one big A$$hole ruin it for you.
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sending a big hug your way Tator - you and I both know that the majority of people on here are kind and caring - just hard to see that when you are hurt - sorry someone was so nasty to you - but I still love ya!!!!!  And Abby and Baby Frank need their online cow aunties!!!
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Don't let someone run you off from a place where you have been so wonderfully helpful, and where you have found some great friends.

There will always be a jerk who may say something hurtful.  If you don't know this person, then let it roll right off your shoulders.  

Don't give some a$$hole this power over you.  He/she isn't worth it.  

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wow i just wrote im leaving and now i read this.  i didnt get to your journal, ill take a look at it.  i am sorry someone was rude to you, there is always someone!
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Thanks guys-  I am calmer now-  I update my journal that DH and I worked everything out- thanks to the jerk who butted in,  I was just already in a very low place this morning and then some guy butted in and I didn't even know him- and I have a bad tendancy to overreact-  I think what happened is that I felt very violated that this guy was reading my comments to mami AND my journals,  and it didn't feel very saft or good, and I was already very sad----  but I am feeling better now, and I love you guys too much-  thank you all-  sorry for the drama-  I am not one to try to cause drama on here-  but I know Peek has been getting bored!  Thanks guys!  

I have set most of my stuff to private now,  so I don't remember who all I have as actual "friends" on here-  so send me a friend inviation if I am not on your list- I'll be trying to add people too....  thanks again guys!
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Hey Girl, I'm glad you are feeling better.. I felt so bad when I read your initial post.. Don't let one bad seed run you off!!  You would be missed!! Hannah
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I keep about 90% of my things private on here. All of my pictures and most of my journals. It has kept it clean. No intruders! Love ya tator, you can't leave!!
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Once I got a friend request from someone whose issue (on another forum) was chronic masturbation.  Even though he looked mostly like a "friends collector" and not a stalker, I took most of the personal stuff on my profile out and made some of my journals private.  In the little world of this forum, it's easy to feel like only a few of us are reading and writing, when in truth anyone who can google can find what we write.  And don't forget, people having an attitude or a bad day (or a bad life) can pop up even when you are being totally neutral in your own post.  Once someone took me to task for being a b**** and said it was all my fault that she was leaving the forum.  I had never even commented on any of her posts.  So you just never know.  Glad you're sticking around and that you worked it out with dh.
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Oh, good! You are staying. I almost had a heart attack when I read your headline.
Don't scare me like that!

I am glad you had a chance to chat things out with dh. I hope you are feeling better about things tonight.

I have my stuff set to private as well, just for friends. I haven't got much up now, but if I do have something worth keeping to just my friends, I do set it to private. I think it is great that that is an option.
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Tator!  You will be missed, I hope you decide to stay at least in some capacity.
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I am glad you desided to stay, there are some people with nothing better to do than "try" and make evryone eles life miserable. I kinda feel bad for people like that, must of had a crappy childhood or something, IDK.

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