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If you did not read her last post...Pray for pinkbelle

I read her latest post and it was so devastating to read. Her daughter is having problems and she was told to take her right in to be seen. Anyone who has not read her post needs to read this and be praying for her. Her daughter is having what sounds like circulation problems and she does have a heart murmur. I was taken back to when this happened with my son and we found that he had more than a heart mumur and I cried reading this post at the thought that the same thing could happen to her. She was told to take her daughter to the hospital right away and I assume she is there now. Everyone please wish her luck that she comes back with good news that it's nothing serious and treatable. Pray for her and her daughter! She could really use it.
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I am so scared for her and little Aubree, I can't even imagine how devastating that must be.  I'm so sorry you experienced such a loss in your life.  I'm in tears right now just thinking of what you went through and hoping the best for Aubree.
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It's very nice of you to start this post for Pinkbelles little girl.  
Hopefully it's nothing serious and the Dr's are just being cautious.  
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I'll be praying for Aubree.
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I am also very worried....i hope Aubree is okay. :-\
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Sounds very scary...  I hope and pray she is doing alright..  
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tanker chic---------she has another post now. she did post that everything was going alright for now. She does have pnemonea which is sad but heart is strong and healthy. She seems to be stable for now. She's keeping everyone posted with updates on Update about Aubree I think is what it is called not sure, can't remember but in same forum.
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