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Implantation Bleeding or Early Period?

Hi there,

I'm looking for input and experiences.  I've been using a Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor the kind that costs $200.  We want to try to concieve and I wanted to track my cycles for a few months prior so we knew what we were dealing with.  We weren't intimate at ovulation, but I'm taking some sleeping meds and wanted to be sure I'm not since I am tech. off the pill.  So here's the deal I took Clear Blue Easy HPT, very early 7dpo, 8dpo, 9dpo.  Yeah 3 b/c I keep getting faint positives, they are still very faint, and maybe a bit darker, more color in them.  Here's the clincher, today at 9dpo I got my period?  I went to the bathroom and was shocked to see blood on my tissue.  My period isn't due for another 5-6 days, depending on exact ovulation.  I looked this up and most implantation bleeding happens around 8dpo or 9dpo.  My breasts have been on and off sore.  What are your thoughts and experiences with implantation bleeding?
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I had implantation spotting with this pregnancy.  It was one week before my period was due.  It was brown and only happened on one occasion when I wiped.  Hope this is a good sign for you.  Let us know what happens.
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I have a question too!!! I went off the pill on March 7th. My husband and I BD'd almost every day for two weeks. I have not been feeling my self, slight cramping and very very tired, plus my nipples are super sore. Sorry if TMI! Anyway, this morning, I woke up and gagged in the shower and have felt nauseous all morning. I have slight cramping like AF might come but everytime I check, nothing. Any possiblity I could be pregnant?
I am afraid to test!
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You do have all the classic symptoms of being pg but some women also get these feelings when AF is suppose to show up.  Are you late yet???  If you are late I would test.  It does sound to me like you very well could be pg just keep in the back of your mind the test could be negative.  Don't get your hopes up just yet.  See what the test says & let us know.
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Thank you for the advice. AF was due yesterday. Just feeling very weird. I get so tired during the day I could fall asleep typing on my work computer. Not good! Maybe I will test this weekend!!! Usually by now I would have spotting or something!!! Every morning, I get up expecting it and it is not there!! Any good PG tests anyone could reccommend?? I am nervous!
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I do not think I would wait for the weekend.  You are a day late it will come out and if you are so tired that you want to fall asleep at your computer it sounds A LOT like pg to me.  Those were my signs.  I never take naps & when I first got pg I wanted to lay down & I'd fall asleep for 3-4 hours.  That is how I suspected pg.  I have been using AccuClear HPT.  I loved them.  I think EPT was another I have used.  Do not be nervous it only makes things worse.  Go test.  The AccuClear can be used anytime during the day.  If you have been drinking anything though I think it recommends waiting 4 hours after drinking something so the urine is not diluted.  Good Luck.  I hope you get your BFP  Baby Dust to you ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*.  Let us know how it goes either way.  Do you have any other children or have you had previous losses???  I had one loss back in Sept of last year so I do understand the nervousness about testing but it sounds good to me.
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Thank you for your advice. I have no other children and have not lost any either. I was married in September 2003 and due to a bad back and possible fusion surgery in the future, we decided to let nature take it's course. I went off the pill the beginning of March and we have been BDing almost everyday. This past week has been awful, it started with tiredness and clumsiness and now it has progressed to tiredness, clumsiness, sore nipples and naseous and gagging!!! I didn't think it was possible to get pregnant that first month!
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that's what i thought.  my husband and i were married in april of 2000.  our plan was to spend the summer enjoying being married and then in the fall start ttc.  well my dh got baby fever in july and wanted to start trying. I said sure thinking "who gets pg the first try" HAA  aparently the ones that think they can't.  two weeks after i said ok i found out i was pg.
good luck babydust to you
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How long had you been off the pill??? What were your symptoms?? I keep gagging and am nauseous. Also I am very tired and have back pain and clumsiness!!
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actually i felt nothing!!!

i was a little more tired than normal but of course at the time i chalked that up to sympathy for my 3 month pg friend. i had actually been off depo for quite a while, however i do have a friend that made the mistake of thinking she couldn't get pg the first month off the pill and well her dd id gonna be 13 this year.

good luck to you!!

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Sounds to me that you could very well be pg, i would test for sure today or tomorrow. I'm the type of person that doesn't have much patients, when do you think you will test? hope you get your BFP, keep us posted we all like to hear god news.
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I did not want to post a regular post since you only get so many a day, but now I will introduce myself, I am 20 years old me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for about a year now, nothing has happened, anyway on with my question ... On the 29th I noticed some very odd colored discharge when I wiped, it was not normal, It was so light though I couldn't tell what color it was until I wiped and when I looked I seen it was a little red, this was when my period was due, now it only lasted for about a half day, but me and my husband made love Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday, but before that we did not do anything for about 2 weeks because he was away on business, I usually have a 37 day cycle the last 2 periods was perfectly normal and came right on time, but the red stuff looked exactly the same as discharge so I first thought "Oh great Tampon run" but I didn't need anything because it was so light, I have had no symptoms but the past week or so i have been a little tired, but my breasts are normal, No veins or soreness, this could also be because i am a little over weight, but the discharge is what I can't understand, if any of you could give me an idea of what could be going on just reply, I really need your help, I do not want to waste money on yet another pregnancy test until I know that there could be a good chance I could be pregnant because I have bought way to many, and the prices seem to keep going up, please help ASAP.

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Welcome!  What I would do to try to avoid purchasing an unecessary HPT is to wait until I was sure I was late.  If you are generally on a 37 day cycle, just give yourself a reasonable deadline.  I do this by going through my calendar that I track my AF on and find out what has been the longest length of time between two AFs.  I use that number (for me, 31 days is the most I've ever gone between periods) to determine if I am late.  Then I test on the 32nd day.  


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Hi everyone.  My husband and I are ttc.  I have a feeling I had some bleeding due to implantation, but I'm not sure.  I started to bleed a little one day and I thought it could possibly be an early period because of my body adjusting to being off the pill, but I've been off for 3 months and this hasn't happened on the other months.  This bleeding was red and lasted a few hours and then I spotted just a little 2 days later.  I am expecting my period in one week.  Also ever since I had the slight bleeding my nipples have been hurting.  I usually get sore breasts a few days before my period, but this time it is just my nipples and they started to hurt much sooner than usual. Could all of this be implantation bleeding? Is is too soon to take a hpt?  Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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I have had slight bleeding for a week and I used the clearplan feritilty montior and I was wondering a day after ovualtion if you  can have implantation bleeding and if so how long does it last.  The slight bleeding has been going on for a week is that normal.
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Does anyone know if you can have implantation bleeding after your period is due/ and/or without showing positive on test?  I'm 18 dpo, pregnacy test is negative and I have light spotting that just started today.
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i had a question on this topic. my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant. my AF was a week late. i had all the PG symptoms -- sore breasts, blue veins, faint nausea, tiredness, and mild cramps. today though, i have some light pinkish bleeding with more painful cramps. could it still be implantation bleeding even if i was a week late...because i heard that the bleeding occurs after ovulation, or has my AF arrived?

thank you,  :)
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i am trying for my third baby. i have had one miscarriage (this will be my 4th pregnancy)
with my first i had no bleeding whatsoever. with my 2nd i was bleeding from around my period being due light on and off until i miscarried at 10wks. with my 3rd preg (2nd baby) i had the same- about 2 days b4 period due some bleeding. lasted a week or so but no preg problems everything fine.
NOW- i am due in 3 days. i know because it is 9 days since i ovulated (According to my LH surge) so it cant be my actual period. but i often bleed 3 or 4 days b4 period due. So i am thinking i am not pregnant this month. does anybody else experience this strange bleeding b4 period is due?
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um i have a question that realllly needs an aswner.
so if you could help i'd be extremley gratefull.

2 days ago i spotted some light pink/brown on my underwear.
i thought it was an early period but it stopped after that,and didn't return untill the next night.

just a little more though,slightly more red.
not heavy like a period either.

then this morning i wiped and it was red/pink.
and its not a flow,its just on the occasion.

is this like an early messed up period or what?
because its really scaring me.

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My period came 10 days early this month, it seemed like a regular period.. only difference is I did not have any cramps! I usually have to take midol, or I cant function. It went away after 3 days. Now a week later, I noticed I've been spotting the last two days. Could I be pregnant??? Should I take a test?
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Okay, so I had been taking BC(pill) since about Jan 07. I got my period as usuall. Its Never Late. Shes as predictable as the morning sun. But I didnt continue taking the pill after my period. I have had sex alot (unpretected) since then.:|  I was a little over a month late, then I had very little bleeding (about 1 tampon only) NO blood clots. Usually Im clot-zilla! I have not taken a HPT bc Im not even sure there is a point in taking one. BUT I am showing signs of being prego... was that my REAL period... or "implant bleeding"???? :|  
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hey i would say there is no harm in taking a test if your wondering, r u trying to get pregnant or r u not wanting to be? i was on yaz for a while then stopped and my period was pretty screwed up for a while but i would say take a test, i have a question to though- i had a lot of sex around my ovulation time and i have started bleeding 2 - 5 days before i expected my period i woke up and it was kinda a lot but slowed down a ton and now its a light flow all this in one day!! My boobs were sore the day before but that could be a sign of my period or pregnancy - implantation bleeding or early period!!!Help me!!
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im not really TRYING. but it wouldnt matter if i was. that would be okay :)
i was on femcon, and had been for a while and it never messed up my period b4 so i have no idea!
are you trying to get pregnant?
(i still havent taken a test, or gotten my period. but my boobs are sore and i have strange cramping, peeing ALOT and i cry just about everyday over absolutly nothing! haha)
oh... and they say your (lips) down there are supposed to turn blueish if your pregnant. i have that! do you? tmi i know!
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I have the same symptoms as you. Please, let me know what happends with you.
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i had my period at the begining of this month which was normal. i tend to be quite regular with my periods. However two weeks later i started to get severe period like pain which went on for about 5 days, i then had light bleeding but only for one day. The severe period like pains continued after this. Ive also been sick about three times. ive taken a home pregnancey test which was negative and also one by my doctor which was also negative. Have i taken the tests to early as my period isnt due till the 1st of october? i dont know if im just being silly.
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