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Implantation signs

Does anyone know what Implantation signs may be? Like are there any particular symptoms that someone might get.
If you normally have a 30-34 day cycle and you ovulate between day 16-20 when do you think the best time to take a pregnancy test is? That is after implantation?
My first period was on 11/17 when do you think I should test so I don't get a false negative with a say 34 day cycle?

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Implantation signs are usually cramps.  I don't know of any others.  I would say to test at Day 30 with a test that can detect hcg sooner.  I used First Response "Test 4 days sooner".  Get a 2 or 3 pack in case it's negative and test again a couple days later.  I am always anxious to take a test, so I just buy a big pack and keep testing until I get a positive or a period.  Good luck!  Let us know what happens.
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I am also interested in knowing the signs!  :)  I am on my 2ww and started mild cramps yesterday (very mild, but noticeable?) I have been hoping for spotting...reassurance of implantation, but nothing so far.   I only have one week to go to hpt!!! momttc
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I think that I will take a test Friday if I still do not have a period that way it would be 32 days since my last period.
The main thing that is annoying me right now is that  I am peeing every friggin 20 minutes and I am yelling at my dh for every little thing...lol
I was cramping 2 days ago and it suddenly went away yesterday and I starting peeing alot out of nowhere. I remember that real clearly with the other pregnancies! But I don't know maybe I have a UTI? My breasts are tingling and burning a slight bit but not sore to touch. I feel I ovualted around the 5th-8th because of the symptoms. So I am trying to see the best time to take a test without being disapointed if it is a neg. I just wish the period would start or I would know NOW!!
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I think I am just as anxious to know your results as you are.  Please let me know when you find out.  It sounds like you are pregnant, but I'm not a doctor.  Maybe I'm just hoping a lot for you!
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I don't think I am as of today. I feel like it's going to start because of that gassy/crampy feeling you get right before it comes. I will wait and see later this week I should start or be able to test and be sure. I have a feeling if it does not happen this month it will happen next. It always seem's to take me 2 months to get pregnant when we try. Although I did not try with this last pregnancy, we only had sex like 4 times in august and that is good for me, Usually it takes 2 cycles for me for some reason. But thanks and ill keep my fingers crossed but I am not feeling so lucky suddenly......:(
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Oh, and we were not even trying with the last pregnancy either, we were only discussing trying. Funny how it always happen's that way!
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