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Is it a negative or a possible positive HPT?

Alright, just like many other women trying to conceive, I'm losing my mind between the time tracking, possible symptoms and just feeling like I know I am pregnant. First, My boyfriend and I have been TTC since April. We were successful the first time, having my period around May 23rd 2015 and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant on June 17th. Unfortunately, we miscarried about a week later. After consulting a couple different OBs and the internet, we decided to go ahead and try immediately once the bleeding had stopped. I had my first regular period since the miscarry on August 5th (maybe a couple days earlier, a lot was going on at the time and I honestly don't remember). My next period based on a 28 day cycle was due the 2nd or 3rd of this month. I'd say 4 or 5 days prior to the date my period was supposed to start, I noticed a clear discharge that was kind of stringy with a brown tint in it. Overall, my symptoms over the last few weeks have varied. I think the first thing I ever saw as a clue was this odd sensation I felt in my nipples, kind of like the feeling of having sand in your foot after it' "fallen asleep." It was like a tickling sensation in my nipple and they sometimes feel as if they are chafing. Shortly after that, I had some mild cramps within a week and a half after my period in August, honestly I wouldn't have noticed them if I hadn't been playing such close attention to my body. I've also had continuous bloating the last couple of weeks with some mild headaches, which I hardly ever get. I get occasional nausea, but nothing serious and usually goes away once I completely wake up. As of today, I feel like my boobs are feeling bigger, but not firm and only sensitive if I apply some pressure. I also get heartburn when I'm hungry and occasionally after eating sour foods (this has never happened before and rarely do I get heartburn or indigestion) The only other small thing I have noticed is I think they're called Montgomery's Tubercules. And honestly, I have the same feeling I did last time, that I just knew I was or I had some sense that theres something else here.

As for symptoms I had my last pregnancy, my sure fire way of knowing was when my breasts were extremely sensitive. That happened right at 4 weeks for me.

Mainly what I'm trying to get to here is since the day of my missed period I have taken 3 tests, all of which were negative. While I wish I had the patience to just wait and see what happens, I don't. When you're surrounded by a bunch of people that have babies and that's all you and your significant other have been hoping for for the last 6 months, it kind of breaks your heart.
Anyway, out of all of these tests the first two were BFNs. I took one the night of my missed period and again a day later in the morning.
The third one however is the confusing one. I've read a lot about EVAP lines and I'm not sure if this is the case or not. I took the 3rd test yesterday when I first woke up around 3p (I work nights, don't judge me. haha) Whenever I watched the results on this one, once the urine had came to that first line for a positive mark, it was briefly a blurred pink line. But once the control line was completely present it was gone, but within the first few minutes of the test being taken there was and is still what looks like a white line there. I thought EVAP lines mostly happened with cheaper tests and they appeared past the 10 min mark that you're to discard results. Am I just driving myself mad or may I be on to something here?

Other facts: I was on the Implanon for 3 years (bleeding thru those 3 years straight), it was removed on 11/11/14 (inserted 11/11/11) I figured that this would be out of my system now. But it has also caused irregular periods since I've been off it. Before I became irregular, generally AF arrived at the end of the month, like in May it did.
I've also been using the First Response Early Result, which I've been told is the best and most sensitive. My last pregnancy I had a Equate brand (Walmart brand) and that's what gave me my positives last time. I just went out and bought some cheap ones from the dollar store to use for now and wait and see if I have anymore symptoms and take a name brand test?

Being 20, you'd think this would be a lot easier after you've sat back and watched all of your friends and family get pregnant the first time. Honestly, I've learned it's kind of like a chore but I know it'll be all worth it in the end. I'm just not a patient person and I hate surprises that you know you're expecting anyway, I just like to know. Lol.
Can anyone help me here so I can figure out if I'm just driving myself insane or if I may actually be right. I am very observant of my body and I try to distinguish from what I actually feel to what I might be just making myself feel. Any help would be appreciated!
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