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Kacey has arrived!!!

Hi all!! sorry for not checking in sooner, things have been a bit crazy.

Kacey arrived on 2nd August 2005 at 11.58pm, (missed grandma's b'day by 2 minutes!) Nearly lost her. Briefly - Went to hospital for general check up, I requested a membrane sweep as for some reason did not want to go over due date, which was 3rd August.  Hospital agreed to do membrane sweep but if not successful I was to come back following week for another, then the week after that for drug induction, i.e. 2 weeks past my due date.  I had had a few probs with bleeding back at 31 weeks, and had been told that placenta was low lying, but all seemed to right itself and I was down for a natural birth at full term.  

After sweep went home, within an hour started haemorrhaging, went back in, and they broke my waters.  Kacey arrived in 4 hours flat,(had an excellent midwife who had an amazing breathing technique for me to take my mind off pain, and only needed entinox sporadically when I remembered it was there and wanted to get high!! lol!!  Placenta came, and though I had complications with bleeding afterwards was told that though it had been bad for me at the time, it was lucky I had haemorrhaged and that they did break my waters as the placenta was "Affacted???",and was not functioning properly and starting to fail.  The baby had not had proper nourishment for a few days, but the oxygen was ok, though that would have been next to be affected.  So Kacey arrived 2lbs less than expected at 7LBs 11ozs, which is ok by me. She and I are both doing well, & no stitches yay!! will chat again soon.
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Hey congratulations MOM
Hello little Kacey
You guys make me want another !! Just when I hear these  birth stories so stop it!!

Best wishes
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Congrats!!!  I am so happy for you!
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Congratulations! More and mroe they are trying to get those babies out within a week of the due date as the placenta does start dying by 2 weeks. I am happy to hear all is well and that you guys made it through unscathed!

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I know exactly what you mean about wanting another baby after hearing the stories. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant and everytime I see a pregnant woman I itch to have another  one!:(
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Well my itching is done or better be
I still got pregnant with dh having a vasectomy  but this time i have my tubes tied so between us both being "fixed" it better not happen!!
Ill just live through the birth stories and think ahhhhhhhhhhh
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