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Late Period, and 2 neg Pregnancy tests. Why?

My normal cycle is 25 days. My last normal period was May 28th. I was due for my period on June 22. And I'm 5 days late. But I'm concerned because my period normally runs like clockwork. I know the day, and sometimes the exact time I will get it. I have been haveing back pain, dizzyness, and ocaional nausea. I took two pregnancy tests. Both were negative. What should I do if I still don't get my period? Could I be pregnant, and its just not showing in my urine yet?
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Generally, a home pregnancy test will detect HCG if you have missed your period. Maybe stress is the culprit. Can you get into your doctor and ask for a blood test?

Depending on the brand, sometimes they take longer to detect the HCG. Answer brand detects early and if you are pregnant, it will detect the levels now.

Good luck!

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Thats what I took. The answer brand. I don't know what to make of it. I don't think I have been stressed out. Not more than usual anyways.
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The standard advice if you miss a period and get a negative test, is to wait one week and test again.  If it is still negative, see your doctor.  As Andrea said, if you are late, most pregnancy tests will pick it up.

Most people don't want to wait.  So if you can't wait the week, go now to your doctor and get a blood test.

Even if your periods run like clockwork, your body is not a clock and sometimes periods are just late.  Hormones, stress, or just whatever...there is not a woman alive who did not have at least one irregular cycle in her life.  

You don't say what kind of BC you are on--sometimes this can have a bearing.  If you have been on the pill for a long time, your periods can become very scanty, and you might even miss a period.
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i would also say go to your doctor if u can't wait. maybe u should take another one in a few days try First Response that is what i use and if u r in deed pregnant it should pick it up. if it comes out negative again i would say see the doctor indefinetly.
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I am going for a blood test tomorrow myself. I am 2 weeks late, had almost all the signs that I was preggo, but had 3 neg hpt's. I have never been late either, but now I am thinking maybe I am not preggo. All my positive signs have gone away, except nauseousness off and on during the day. Still no sign of AF!  Anyone have any ideas?? I am also going to gyn for internal exam, but couldn't get in till July 11! I hope this blood test is a +!
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It took more then a week after I was late to get a + pg test. I knew I was pg before I was late. When I did test + it was very very faint line.
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