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Miscarriage after c section

Hi I had a D&C Jan 11' and a blighted ovum Aug 12'. I am however blessed to have a 3 year old and did have a c section with her due to not dilating past 4 cm. My question is can my miscarriages after my c section be linked? It doesn't seem to take long to get pregnant (first pregnancy was random occurrence we weren't trying and second hubby and I planned). I feel as though everyone around me is pregnant and this only reminds me of my failures or inability to maintain a pregnancy. Any insight, advice, or encouragement is welcome. Thanks!
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Well, usually C-section is not the cause of miscarriage unless there is infection. Each pregnancy behaves separately. Also some causes of miscarriage are related to that pregnancy alone. Some causes tend to recur and you must be careful about these. Generally first trimester abortions or abortions occurring in first three months are due to fetal abnormality, genetic causes, Rh blood group incompatibility and low progesterone hormone. Infection of the uterus, endometriosis, fibroids, etc  are some other causes for early abortion. You need to consult your gynecologist and run some tests to rule out these causes. Eliminating these causes will increase the chances of full term pregnancy. Take care!
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