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I am in the middle of my first miscarriage(my pfirst pregnancy also) Im very moody and short tempered. Im sure i have the right to be but has anyone felt this way? I started bleeding monday night, went for an u/s on tuesday and there was no sac, im currently waiting for the blood work to come back and confirm that i am having a miscarriage. Has anyone had these symptoms of bleeding and no sac on 5 week u/s and had a successful pregnancy? is there any hope for me?
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I have never been in your shoes, but I think the moodiness is normal. Let me tell you from reading all of these posts that you are not alone :) I know that may not make you feel any better but I am thinking of you and will keep you in my prayers :)
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Well if you are having a miscarriage then you have every right to feel every imaginable emotion , sadness, angry, puzzled, disbelief, etc...
Your bleeding is not a good sign, although sometimes being your early not much can be seen by u/s
Your blood work will  confirm either way by your hcg levels.
Hope it goes in your favour!!
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5 weeks is early to see anything
i was bleeding at 5 weeks and tehy wouldn't see me till after 6  there was a low heartbeat at 6  now I am 28 weeks
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A few weeks after my m/c I had posted the same question about moodiness! Anything u feel is normal right now. I didn't have any huge sobbing breakdowns, just constant moodiness w/my bf, work getting on my nerves, sort of mad at the world feeling. I'm ttc again, and like others, am excited about getting preg. again, but scared of m/c. Plus, I still initiallly get so pissed when I hear someone else's great baby news! Hang in there and keep coming here, it's a great supportive site.
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hi, my names brooke & i just turned 20. i have been with my boyfriend for 3 & a half years now and when i was 17 i fell pregnant. we were going to have the baby but had no jobs, no car or licence, were living in a flat and on the dole.we wanted our child to have the things we didn't, and that wasn't goin to happen in those conditions,so it was best to have a termenation, i didnt really want it for that fact that when i found out i was 3 & abit months & had to go for a scan to check, i saw it & everything, moving, waving, to this day i didnt want to have the termenation but now we bot have jobs, my partner's a manager & i'm a service assistant that pays great money, good cars & a house.
about 6 months ago i found out i was pregnant again, we were both really happy even though it wasn't planned. at  9 weeks (mothers day actually), we were at my boyfriends parents when i felt some thing, just thinking it was discharge i went to the toilet, to hrror i was bleedin( no cramps or clopping).they couldn't do a scan because of it being sunday so just took a blood test where it showed my hg level was 280, the doc said it didnt look good being that low when it should be higher, he told me to go home relaxe (yeah right) and go to my gp in the morning to send me for a scan. i had to have an interal which showed a sac the size of 5 weeks 5 days which i was meant to be 9 weeks??she asked if i'm sure i got my dates right & said "i'm sure",that was on the monday, was meant to get the scan results on the wednesday but late tuesday afternoon i was in real pain, i went to after hours, luckly my doctor was on duty when to my horror she said i was misscarrying & told me to go to the hospital, from our house to the hospital i lost a lot of blood & walkin from the car park to the emergancy i lost a big clot, with two more to follow about an hour later, did another blood test which showed hg had droped agin to 230, not good. spent most of the night in emergancy then moved to my own room about 6am wednesday morning, didnt get operarated on til 6pm that night and left about 8:30pm. i was so misserable, i went throught the whole, he's punishing me for the 1st pregnacy & i'm never meant to be a mum, but i was never told that if you have a termenation the next pregnancy you can misscarry, i'm still very sad but can now look to the future and pray with all my heart it doesn't happen again :) i wouldn't wish it apon anyone.
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Hi Brooke,

I dont mean to sound mean to you, i hope you do have a beautiful baby one day, and its probably to late to say this now, but regardless if you were living on the street, you should have brought that baby in the world, it was your mistake and you didnt use b-control that baby didnt ask to me made. i am now also 20 and i got pregnant at 17, i would say my situation was worst than yours, i got pregnant for a man i never knew was married, my father and i had gotten in an argument about 2 months before and i left the house and went to stay with a friend. i didnt know what in the world i was going to do, i had that about termination, when i went to see the doc for a check to find out how far along i was, there was my baby at 8 weeks, i just couldnt do it, he wasnt moving or anything but just looking at it i couldnt, so for you to see it move and still do it was guts, i mean u had ur reasons but u should have brought it into the world. Well to my advantage my babys father separated from his wife and now we live togeather in an apartment with my beautiful son Devante!! when i got pregant i had no family, no jod,no where to live and no baby father, you had somewhere and you had a father, that was something. Now am not saying that its your fault why u lost this baby cause i knew someone who had three terminations all a month apart, now she has a five year old and is due with her second child in november. Pray to the lord to forgive you and you will see that child one day! Both of them!. I wish you the best and lots of baby dust!!!!
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