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My Daughter needs help fast, not sure if shes miscarrying

Two weeks ago My 22 yr old daughter found out she was pregnant, a few days later she started to spot bled and had several clots, she went to er and everything was fine, she is still spotting and one mourning woke up and her p.j.s were soaked with a pinkish color and white, a few days latter she starting cramping very bad all over not located on no specific side this has been going on for 3 days now it is making her vomit with the cramps, she wont go to er due to they told her she was fine a few weeks ago, could someone please tell me whats happening to her because she will not listen to me, of course I told her to go to the hospital and she has no dr. or no insurance
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Hi there.  Yes, it does sound like she is having a miscarriage.  I'm very sorry.  She is early in her pregnancy it sounds and miscarriage is quite common in the first trimester.  One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage.  There really isn't anything to do to stop one once it has begun.

however, she should be checked out after to make sure all has cleared and she gets a clean bill of health.  An urgent care is somewhere that someone can go and pay in cash that is usually less expensive than an er.  There is also Planned Parenthood which offers discounted to free services for indigent women.  If she lives in the US, the law changes very soon requiring all to have insurance.  If she is below the poverty line, she can get on Medicaid or be under your insurance if she is 26 or younger.  

If she becomes too ill and is in severe, unbearable pain, then she should go back to the er.  

Very sorry about the miscarriage.  Best of luck to you both.  
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Oh, and I, of course, do not know for certain that it IS a miscarriage but it definitely sounds like it.  good luck
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It could be a miscarriage and it could be something else. Most states will cover her during a pregnancy. Talk to your local DSHS office.  Even if it is a miscarriage, she will need to be seen to ensure that there is nothing left in her body.
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yes its very important to go to the hospital, for 2 reasons, on  if it is a miscarriage and stuffs lefr behind it can cause a life threatening infection, and if ots not her baby could be in trouble, things can change quickly in pregnancy, obviously, so just caua  u were good a wewk ago doesnt mean you arw now, in order to make sur  your baby is safe you shoul  be chexked out. for your babies sake
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juliann,  I see it's been a couple days since you posted this.  This doesn't sound like a miscarriage to me - a very early miscarriage is usually not all that painful and shouldn't cause her to "cramp all over" for three days and vomit.  

Prayers she is okay.
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