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Happy May Day to you all,
It's Monday again, another week into pregnancies for some of us, another week TTC for others.
Hugs and Baby dust to all
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i beleive dancing is ok..as long as your breathing isnt labored and you can hold a conversation whild doing so you are ok...i think its your heart rate that is important...sorry i cant remember what it should be above..also...i would stay out of smoky situations as mucha as possible...for you and your baby's health.
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Just wait a few more days and see if it comes back.  I'm 9 weeks 4 days and I got nervous a while back b/c my m/s seem to disappear.  Well, it came back.  It's not as bad, but now I almost always have to throw up when I brush my teeth in the morning.  This is quite annoying, as you can imagine.  Anyway, I don't always feel my symptoms every day, and yes that makes me nervous.  I just try not to worry about it.  I could drive myself crazy analyzing every symptom or lack of.  As long as you have some symptoms a few times a week I'd guess that you are OK.  You can always try to see your OB if you are really concerned.  Best of luck to you!
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Good morning all!  I did IVF on March 16th, and found out I was pregnant on March 28th.  I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant.  For the past 2 weeks, I have had terrible morning sickness, and then all of the sudden, it seized.  Is this normal?  Should I be worried that I'm not feeling sick anymore.  I'm sure sound like a nut case, but I have never been pregnant before and I am uncertain of what to expect.  Thanks for any adivce!!
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what does anyone know about dancing while pregnant and what type of dancing should be avoided. I am 12w3d and my husband and I went out to a dance club with some friends and he is concerned because of the smoke in the club and also the dancing I have no bleeding or cramps but should I avoid doing this again?
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I am not sure of the dancing however my opinion would be alittle dancing is ok but nothing to crazy.  Like excercise if you are used to doing it then some is ok but if you are not then I wouldn't do much dancing.  Anywho, the smoke is another factor.  I read that if you are getting second hand smoke you may as well be smoking yourself.  However, sometimes  you have to have a life.  I am 28 wks preg. and was at the bar down the road last week.  (Its a bar/restaurant a few doors down from my home.) We joined my sil and bil for their anniversary.  It was alittle smokey but not bad.  I also attended a superbowl party in Feb and it was smokey.  I worried some but some situations can not be avoided.  I was told that once in a great while is ok.
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Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all babydust thoughts and prayers.  Some baby dust has arrived at our house again after having a mc Jan. 20th.  I'm probably only 4 wks but happy and scared at the same time.  I have had queasiness on an off and after the 1st trimester I know it can just go away.  I have had cramps but no blood, which was an issue in Jan.  Love, Prayers and babydust to all, as I patiently wait for my new Dr.'s office to return my phone call:)
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i would say really be careful of all that smoke.  Noone will smoke around me, what ive read it can be harmful of course.  the dancing im not to sure but i agree just don't go crazy with it.  Good luck and congrats to you.
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CONGRATULATIONS!! I am truely happy for you. I too am ttc after a m/c (early mar). I wish you all the best of luck for a happy and healthy 9 months to be followed by a happy and healthy baby!! Babydust to you*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*
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