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Open Forum and Thank God for Mylicon!!!

Good morning everyone. Conner actually let me get 3 1/2 hours of uninterupted sleep last night. WOOHOO!!! never thought that would make me so HAPPY! Giving him Mylicon right after he finishes eating and then burping him is making a tremendous difference with the gas. He has his first well baby visit today so I'm going to quiz the pediatrician about infant formulas. I've read some stuff that says the DHA/ARA formulas (particularily the Enfamil Lipil) cause worse gas and I'd like to get his take on that. I don't want to give up the DHA/ARA unneccesarily but I can't stand to see the little guy uncomfortable. Man- going back to work is going to be hard. How am I going to stare at him all day? LOL Anyhow- hope everyone has a good day.

Gonza- how goes the teething?
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I know I have said it before I went through this will all of them ..Its their tummies getting use to it...
I was changing bottles,formulas, using gripe water(for gas)
They do grow out of it...Connor is only about 3 weeks old I think it was at least a good 8 weeks before i noticed a difference in the kids.

Yes you poor girls only have 6 weeks thats nuts
I was chewing about a year..and back to work now
Something needs to be changed!!

Good luck let us know what the pedi reccomends
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It's going!  He is waking up crying because he hurts and I dont know what to do.  I have used the baby oragel, but I am at a loss.  How do I make him stop hurting!!
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Hey, sorry, I just saw your last post and I posted there, but don't know if you will read it.  Just wanted to know if you are from WV.
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Sorry to hear poor aj is having a rough time with those mean teeth trying to come through, Have you tried boiling some facecloths then freezing them. I hear it's a relif for babies to chew on them.
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He only cries at night when he is not chewing on stuff.  During the day he is constantly chewing on his bib wrapped around his little fist or he wraps his burp cloth around his fist and chews on it.  He wont chew on a teether or anything.  I am scared to put the burp cloth in the bed with him at night.  I dont let him sleep with anything in the crib with him.
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My son had a really bad time with formula too.  The only one to help him was Similac Alimentum.
And I noticed that the "fat" dr. brown bottles work better then the skinny ones.
Good Luck!!
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i always gave mine baby tylenol at night so they could sleep better. works great!! :o) the rest of the time i used baby orajel and cold teething rings. poor thing. (both of you) :o)
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I was told that Hyland's teething tablets (you can order them online) are amazing. I'll be buying them when the time comes.
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