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I generally have periods that arrive on time, although sometimes they are long and sometimes I spot prior for a week or more. AF is usually VERY heavy and always has been. I do have more body hair growth lately, I have rapidly gained weight and I have skin tags and we have been ttc for 1.5 years without success. Does anyone else have that who also has PCOS? Are there other symptoms to look for? (when I started researching some of my symptoms, this is something that came up time and time again). Could it be something else though?
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I, too, have PCOS.  There are varying degrees to which each of us have it.  We do not all exhibit all of the signs and symptoms.  I would suggest that you speak to your GYN if they are trained to treat this.  I chose to see a reproductive endocrinologist and it paid off greatly.  They really manage you better than a regular GYN.  A good site for general information is IVF.com.  Hope the info helps.
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I have pcos and I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd child. Both conceived by the help of clomid. It was actually harder to get pregnant the 2nd time and had to have additional help from a drug called glucophage. I saught help from a fertility specialist as well. I had gained weight between my 1st and 2nd pregnany and this proved to be a factor fertility wise. Once I took some weight off and went on glucophage and then clomid I conceived successfully. Both took several months with the help of medication. Not saying this will happen for you, but it's my story with PCOS. I hope you find success soon.
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hey i also have PCOS..i was put on metformin..and at the begging it made me gain wieght..i stopped goin to my ob and found myself an RE..he gamed me clomid...i havent started Clomind yet im waiting for my af to come this month..but i have been on a diet program and i work out 3-4 times a week and ive lost 22 lbs in less than a month..im hoping that this month with clomid it will work..so just hang in there and find yourself a good RE and with some dieting and exciseing program u will get there!! GOOD LUCK!
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I to have pcos,  pcos is a syndrome, so not everyone is the same. Many of the classical symtoms are,  overweight (specially around the middle), cant think of the proper name but male type lots of hair, acne, weird or absent periods, annovultary, high blood pressure, there's quite a few really.

I needed to see a specialist to get pregnant (im the more severe type of pcos, i have nearly EVERYTHING) clomid didn't work, clomid and metformin didnt work (metformin helps with the insulin resistancy), had to go to ivf, we got pregnant twice but m/c both of them, I worked on my weight abit more after the 2nd m/c had previously lost 30kg before the first baby, then lost another 10 before the 2nd and was taking a break while we got married (which lost another 5kg, so 45 all up) and ended up falling pregnant naturally.
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Please let me know how you were able to achieve the weight loss. I have tried everything, working out for forty minutes every day, doing the weight watchers program and counting everything, but to no avail. I am trying to get rid of the 35 pounds I gained over three months time. I was hardly eating anything beyond salad and drinking a ton of water at the time and I was working out, so the weight gain is a complete mystery to me. I have cut out white sugars, starch and been eating fruit, veggies and grilled fish.
And, where is your hair growth that you notice it? I have just noticed that it is in weird places that it never was before.
Can PCOS be picked up by a blood test or is it a series of blood tests? What should I be asking my doc to do?
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My PCOS was only diagnosed through blood work.  She tested my hormone levels, my TSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  It was my increased, testosterone levels, no menstrual periods, a little excess hair on my tummy, acne (when not on birth control pills) and weight gain ever since my periods stopped.  The ultrasound did not show any cysts.  My doctor also tested my glucose levels which were all normal, but did not test my insulin resistance (which coincides with PCOS).  She felt that we had enough to go by.  So before I was ttc I was put on Diane 35 (which also act as birth control), which completely clears up the acne and haults all other symtpoms.  Trying to conceive my OB/GYN immediatley put me on Clomid 100mg.  I got pregnant on my 6th cycle and I am now 7 weeks.
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I havent had a period in over ten years without the help of B/C or Medyproxyprogesterone.  But I need to tell you all that I have been taking this
Canadian Flaxseed Called Nopalina for the past maybe2 months and for the first time I got a natural period....So give it a try we have nothing to lose...
Now I wonder If I keep taking this I will be able to get pregnant again.. I have one child that is 15 years old and I would like another before I'm an old lady...lol.  AGE :36
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LOL I've got you beat "old lady"... 38. :)
I've had this type of pain for over a decade, and was a long aggravating journey to find relief. Pain in the girl parts was one of many symptoms, but came on more recently and was one of the most alarming. It started in my 20s and has required two surgeries in as many years. The first one was a partial hysterectomy for painful fibroids. At first the fibroids caused me to skip periods, but then it became heavy periods every two weeks with spotting between. I found out a year later (before the second surgery) that I also had adhesions from endometriosis that were ablated during the operation. The second operation was to remove my ovaries because they both had painful cysts that lifted me out of my chair every time. The adhesions had returned. My surgeon ablated my bladder, ureter, behind my bladder, and the part of my intestines that were stuck to my abdominal wall.
For years I was diagnosed with depression, and misidiagnosed with fibromyalgia and IBS. I had every blood test, xray, ultrasound, and every gastrointestinal test you can think of, including being scoped at both ends... twice. All tests were normal. I was bounced around from doctor to specialist constantly, and saw 2-3 different doctors each month. The doctors had me on every drug they could think of, including fentanyl (a VERY strong narcotic they give to cancer victims). Every time they increased the doses it would help for a few months and I'd "need" an increased dose again. If you're in enough pain you'll do what you think you have to in order to get relief, but it may only prolong the issue. I couldn't work, sleep, or eat, and it affected every part of my life. My entire body was in pain. I too have had the increased hair and addition of skin tags (the list goes on). My hips ached, and I gained a ton of weight. The pain felt like it was deep down in my bones. I had, and still do, have benign tremors. Even worse than the pain was that everyone around me (including my family) thought I was crazy or exaggerating.
All of the women in my immediate family have experienced similar problems. My sister was diagnosed with PCOS, though I never was. I told every doctor about it, and yet it still took years to diagnose. I eventually took myself off of all the pain meds, muscle relaxers, and Lyrica, but kept the wellbutrin for depression. It was surprising to me when my some of my doctors discouraged me from stopping the medication completely, I guess they just liked having the residual income, but I was on a mission to find the cause and the medications only clouded my symptoms with side effects.
Find a doctor that you trust and who listens. Find a doctor who is patient, knowledgeable, and that doesn't just want to treat you with medication.  Don't read about everything under the sun on WebMD - you'll just end up driving yourself crazy and everyone around you. Do read, just take everything with a grain of salt and don't obsess... like I did. Most of all, don't give up. Never lose hope. If I had, I would've been on drugs my entire life, never knowing why I had so much pain.
Hopefully you don't need surgery, but my pain has been substantially reduced because of it. I would make the same decision all over again, even though the nerves won't ever be the same after removal of my ovaries. I wish you all the best and hope with all my heart that you find relief from your pain sooner than later. If my story helps one person, then I will have succeeded.
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