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Pain in side/nausea started 4 months postpartum

So about two months ago I had a bout of nausea followed by a random pain in my side about two inches left of my belly button. I was four months post partum at this point. When I'd lay down at night on my right side it would feel almost like something was pulling inside at the site of that pain and it was really nauseating. I saw my regular doctor who felt all around in my stomach and didn't feel anything. I also had a physical end of March and all blood work was fine. She ran a few more tests (blood work) which also was all fine. A random comment was made about my weight (I had lost about 5 lbs in a month, at this point weighed about 129lbs), and she said have you been eating? Well I can be a hypochondriac, I have extreme health anxiety, so I left and immediately thought I'm dying of something bad why would I have lost so much weight (not being logical that I was 4 months postpartum and also nursing) and got home and had 0 appetite. I fought that for 2.5ish weeks (so I lost another 3-4 pounds but weight has been steady since). Finally on that Monday I go see my OB thinking maybe it's postpartum related... she also feels my stomach and feels nothing. Things escalated to where I was waking at night with INTENSE pain under my left rib cage and sweating. I'd have chills the next morning... crazy weird stuff. I also got to where I was so fearful of the pain I would hardly sleep at night. I'd wake all night long every hour. I also had bloating only on my whole left side, extremely gassy, etc. Over a couple weeks that all subsided and I started to feel drastically better minus the very random dull pain occasionally, sometimes I feel it down lower beside my left hip bone. I also was having some constipation from not eating enough at the time...which flared up my hemorrhoids causing some blood when I wiped as well as pain at my rectum when pooping. Things are much better pain wise now but every morning I feel pain in my stomach and can literally feel a long lump where my stool is and then it goes away after a BM. I still have very mild blood when I wipe, like a dot on the Toliet paper. But I've noticed aside from the dull pain that comes and goes, I still feel somewhat queasy worse in the morning but gets better throughout the day. I've had blood work to also check my pancreatic, stomach, liver and kidney enzymes when I was having the pain under my rib. I'm at a loss. My doctor felt like nothing was wrong just anxiety... I'm a healthy 29 year old female of course absolutely terrified of colon cancer or something crazy. Trying to figure out what route to go next... my Dr ordered a CT scan for my peace of mind which I've not done yet. Maybe a stool sample also? It's just weird that things dramatically increased but I've still got minor symptoms. I can't figure out if it's a postpartum issue or what.., appreciate any insight!
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