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Period after miscarriage/d

I had a d&c on August 11th at 8 weeks pregnant.  Following this I had approx. 5 - 7 days of medium to light bleeding with slight discomfort.  I did not get my period until yesterday (Sept 21st).  Yesterday and last night I had painful cramps.  I have never experienced pain like this before.  These cramps were definitely the worst I have ever had.  My period is also very heavy with a lot of clots.  Is this normal?  Has anyone else experienced their first period after a miscarriage/d&c similiarly?
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I have never had a D&C but after my miscarriage in 02 my period was irregular and more crampy then usual for a couple of months. Hope this helps a little
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I would think it is probabally normal.  Your body went through a lot.  I however had a very normal period after my m/c.  I had to have a second D&C and got my period back exactly one month later.  You may want to call the dr to tell them about your cramps because I cramed bad about 4 days after my first D&C and I found out there was still tissue left at the tip of my uterus.  Good Luck & let us know.
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So sorry to do this but I see noone else had any answers for the day and the threads are closed already.

MICHELEB - OMG girly - I have been wondering like crazy about you.  How has this past yr as a mommy been for ya???  Crazy for me but o well all worth it.   Don't be a stranger.  Gonna have anymore LOL???????????
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To the poet,

I had a miscarrige three years ago, i had my period exactly one month later, it was heavier than usually and much more painful, it lasted for theregular five days and periods after that were back to normal.

Hope this helps, but if you have more bleeding lasting longer than usually i would see a doctor.
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Hey you!!
I was so glad to see a familiar face!  my computer at home is really slow so I didn't come on much, but now I'm back at work with a much faster computer, so I thought I'd pop back in.
The last year was great - Liam had open heart surgery on Dec.6th (at 3 months old) to correct his congenital heart defect. He was on medication until July. But is doing great, a little small for his age (was 17.5 lbs at his one year check up), but he's crawling around and climbing up on everything.  Just got his two bottom front teeth about a month ago.  How is everything going with you?
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I was wondering about little Liam.  I remember he had a heart problem when he was born.  I am so glad all is well with him now.  That had to be so scary for you.  It is Ok that he is tiny for his age.  Don't let anyone make you feel bad about that because ppl tend to do that sometimes.  Well my little guy turned 1 on Sept 8 and he is so darn cute.  He is crawling (very fast I must say) and he takes a few steps but does not like to walk yet.  He will walk with his little push toy though.  He is about 24 pounds and still nurses what seems like constantly.  Really can't wait til I am done with this.  I just want him to be able to go to sleep without it ya know???  Do you ever hear from Kassimom???  Colton will be a year old in Nov.  I miss her on here also.   It is great to see you back on.  Don't be a stranger.  You take care
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