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Plus Size Mommas: What week was your baby born?

Hey Everyone, I am just wondering if fluffy mommas have their babies earlier or normal as compared to average size moms. I am almost 23 weeks, have diabetes, am obese, and a history of episodic HBP (relating to stress and asthmatic episodes, so only for a couple hours at a time).

I am just wondering where other plus size moms had their babies. If you could let me know that would be amazing. Thanks.
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I am overweight, although not obese, and both of my babies were born right around 40wks (my daughter AT 40wks, my son at 39 1/2 wks) and I'm already nearing 38wks with baby#3.

Sometimes weight does seem to increase chances of a pre-term baby, but usually it has to do with the complications that come with being obese such as diabetes and blood pressure issues, which even thin women can have, that increase your chances of early babies. A lot of times the number of preterm babies born to obese mamas is inflated because they include women who are induced for gestational diabetes in the fear that the baby would grow too big...and often times this is unnecessary.

I highly recommend getting with a nutritionist to try to help control your diabetes so it doesn't worsen through the pregnancy and therefore your baby doesn't grow too big too quickly, and hopefully it can maximize your chances of keeping little one in until he/she is ready to come out :-).
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I am also obese.  I was with all three of my pregnancies since I am only 5' even, it is easy to become obese.

I had my daughter at 38 weeks exactly (water broke) she was 6lbs 9oz had my son at 37 weeks exactly (started labor at 36w 5d) he was 6lbs 13oz and then had my last daughter at 37w 3d (started labor) and she was 7lbs 6oz.

I never went past 38 weeks with my babies.  I am not sure if that is weight related or not but I was happy :)

All three of my kids were healthy and good size.

I had gestational diabetes with all three.  Had insulin with my son and last daughter.  I could not get my sugars controlled with my last pregnancy no matter what I did.  They were concerned she was going to be very large so they made me do a c-section but she was 7lbs.  Granted she was 2 1/2 weeks early technically but still either way I wish I could have tried natural.

Hope everything is going well!
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Thanks. My diabetes is very well controlled. I have been monitored since 4 weeks pregnant because i am type 2. i have a team of doctors including a nutritionist. i was just curious how often bigger moms have their babies earlier than 40 weeks.
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