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I'm a Black female with black hair, and brown eyes and i'm currently Pregnant by my European boyfriend who has blue eyes brown hair what are the chance of my baby coming out with eyes like his ?
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This is a very trick question because the child can inherit the eye color of you or your parents, and your partner and his parents. Also there can be a mix and match and the child may have grey, black, green, blue eyes depending on which gene is dominant. If there are many members in your partner’s family who have blue eyes, then chances of you child having blue eyes is almost 50%. If your eye color or black color is more prominent in either families than chances of your baby having this color is more.

I know it is very confusing. However hair color depends on a number of factors apart from simple genetic inheritance. What the mother eats and deficiencies during pregnancy also changes hair color. Also the mixing of genetic patterns can vary. Similarly color of iris is not a simple inheritance and a number of factors are involved in the genetic pairing of colors. So, skin color, hair color and color of iris can vary in children and be different from each other and from their parents. Take care!
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It will also depend on what is in the mix that produced you.  I know a Black man who has grey eyes, the only grey eyes in his generation of siblings and cousins, but his grandfather had grey eyes.
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My cousin (male who is white with babyblue eyes) just had a baby with his fiance (who is black, black hair and brown eyes) their baby came out with blue eyes, dark headfull of hair, and white skin! Goodluck, I pray for you and your babya safe and healthy pregnancy!
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femaleprobzzz, how old is the baby?  Both the eye color and the skin color can change in the first few years.  My little sis, who was born with blue eyes, has the darkest brown eyes you've ever seen.  
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