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Pregnancy ?

Ok, so I need help. Last month I had a brown like substance , it only lasted like a day or two, mind you this is May of 2018... okay so now it is June 20th, and I started what I thought was my period yesterday the 19th, 2018... but it wasn’t a normal  period , it was the same dark blown substance like the previous month in May... it only lasted for a short period of time , today is the 20th , and it’s over .. I took two hpt on the 11th, and they were both negative ... just need some info and guidance and opinions
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That's confusing for sure!  Spotting like that can be a hormonal issue.  I think I'd see your doctor and get lab work done to look at your different hormone levels.  Pregnancy tests are pretty accurate if used correctly.  But they can do a blood test just to make sure.  You don't sound pregnant though based on negative test but something is going on.  A report on your hormone levels would likely give you the explanation.  

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