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Pregnant again/haven't miscarried yet

I have had 2 sonograms and given blood 5 times for hcg testing. The problem is that I have a 71/2 week sac on my cervix,no baby, but rising hcg. I had a D&C scheduled for Monday,6th, but first they wanted one last ultrasound. Ultrasound #3 found the now 7 1/2 week old sac is in the cervix and a new 5 1/2 week sac in the uterus causing the rise of the hcg. What a mess. Of course they are worried that when I pass sac #1 it may expell the one in the uterus. I kind of feel like a science project. I can't find anything on the internet about this situation. Has anyone ever heard of getting pregnant again before even having a miscarriage?
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Goodness!  I have never heard of anything like that either.  Does the 5 week sack look ok?

I hope everything works out for you.  Please keep us posted.
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I've never heard of that happening, but I guess anything is possibe.  My gf had triplets and they said that one of the babies had to of been conceived several days later so maybe the same thing happened to you?  Good luck to you.
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I saw the name of your thread and i was like WHAT?? why is she being so negative??? but then i read your comment.. Is it possible that maybe you had twins and the second sac is now forming?? did they see anything in the second sac? I hope you dont lose both sacs if the first one tries to expel itsself.  Good luck and try and stay positive..
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Thanks for your comments, This is consuming my days! The 5 1/2 week sac looks fine. She said she thinks the can see a yok but no fetal pole. Next us is Monday where we should know more, can't hardly think of anything else.I'm reading all of these comments about people getting pregnant right after a m/c, but, I got pregnant before miscarrying!(I do have a neat picture though showing them both)
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I know what you mean about feeling like a science project.  You give blood - you wait, you give blood again - and wait some more.  It seems like a never ending process.  Good luck with your situation.
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wow i have never heard of that happening (not like im some expert,but still..) that must have been a happy surprise (besides feeling like a science project),i know i would be extatic if i had thought i lost my baby and then find out that there is a new one to take its place...so interesting....be sure to let us know how everything goes :)
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