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Pregnant..ANxiety, No appetite

Hi everyone, I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant.  I have so much anxiety and no appetite.  This appetite thing is driving me crazy, I don't get hundry, maybe until like 3:00 p.m. I eat a meal I won't be hungry until the next day.  Is this normal, has anyone lost theri appetite in their pregnancies?  COuld it also be anxiety, I suffer from hypochondrianism, and the new disease I've diagnosed myself with is liver disease.  Dr.s have done all blood work for liver disease and they are all perfect, the Dr said.  But this loss of appetite, it kind of started a little before pregnancy too, one day I would eat a huge meal all day long, but other days when my anxiety was really bad, I would not get  hungry.  That is the time I did all the bloodwork and everyhting was perfect, Thank God.  COuld this all have been caused by my severe anxiety? I mean when I get anxious I get a knot in my throat that does not let me eat, whcih in turn makes me think I'm dying.  Guys this is such a vicious cycle.  I am so unhappy, this is my last 3rd pregnancy, and instead of being happy I am so miserable.  I could barely sleep, I don't enjoy anything, my day is a constant worry.  If it was up to me I would sleep all day to not worry.  GOd, it's so unbearable, putting up a front with family, friends, yet being so miserable.  I spend evey little time I can searching for disease and symptoms on line.
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Hi there, I am sorry you have to go thru this especially now that you are pregnant. In my opinion you just have severe anxiety problem and please trust me if doctor checked you about and everything seems to be fine , it is. I had same problem few years back, I was not pregnant at the time but   I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks, It was so bad I made my husband an myself and everybody around me crazy, I just didn't want to accept that everything is fine with me and that is just an anxiety, I was going from doctor to a doctor seeking for a second opinion , in my had I was sick and dying, I was depressed and that what you probably are, all my doctor were suggesting few sessions with the pshicayatrist, but for me that was NO WAY , I am not crazy  I am just sick and you guys don't now that, I took me a while  and my panic attacks became happening so often that it wasn't funny anymore , I went on medication if I remember it good it was BUSPAR and for a few days I was fine and then again, so finally I went to see a psychiatrist , we talked and talked , I finally opened up, cried every time when I went there, but I got better I leered how to deal with it , how to prevent panic attacks.......now I am sorry it took me so long to listened to my doctors and my hubby. I know it is not easy but I think this situations is not good for you or for your baby, there is safe  depression medication to take during pregnancy , maybe just a nice talk with somebody, but try to put out of your had that you have some kind of unknown sickness or something like that and enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck. If you need somebody to talk here I am.
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Hi, Sorry, I did not see that "diagnosed yourself" part.Hope I haven't scared you any more than you are.

But I can identify with what you expecrince.I too get worked up and find out things wrong with me, when everything is perfectly alright, Only that I did not know you call this by a name, There I go now!!Hypochondriac!!.

Now that I am preggo, some how I am able to keep all that thoughts away and just concentrate on my little bundle. I block such thoughts and think I will check things out once my baby comes out healthy ;-).I do feel scared sometimes that the docs will find something wrongwith me and ask me not to have him/her, so I just do not tell any one about my anxiety.Also I am scared that If something goes wrong with me after I have him/her!!! I want to be a part of my children's life.
I just hope it is all possible.

Your loss of apetite could entirely be due to pregnency, so don't you worry.You will get tro it.
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Everyone is different.  I ate like a horse from 6-11 weeks and Im eating regular meals now (almost 13 weeks) but that was me.  I would worry about you not getting enough calories in your body for yourself so you may want to seek professional help to deal with this.  one meal a day is definately not even enough for you let alone a growing baby inside of you.  Cognitive therapy may work for you if you are interested.
good luck.
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Please also make sure you are taking your prenate. vitamins!!!!!!!
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Hi Alybella, Sorry to hear that you are gng tro this now.
You say you had lost your apetite before conceiveing, have you already checked with your doc, whether this is due to youe liver problem? I feel you should check this out.

I too loose apetite if I am anxious/tenced. The first thing affected is my apetite, so you are not there alone, but you need to try and control it, I know it is easier said than done.

I am in my 17th week right now (wow in the fifth month!!!I can not believe it myself) I had no apetite till my 14th week or so and actually lost a kilo in the first trimester, that was also due to morning sickness.Now that I am slowly coming out of it, I feel far better and am able to eat smal meals and snacks in bt (mostly fruits and yogurt).Next time I go for the check up I want to be a bit more plumper!! ;) You will also over come these phases.

I have been blah blahing over my story rather than giving you any relief, sorry..

Hope your Liver problem is nothing serious, Sad that it had to appear in the midst of your pregnency.....
Anyways you take care, there might be some one who can come up with some consolating words.
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Well I was not diagnosed with liver disease, I make that up in my head.  The Dr. checked all the blood test for liver disease and he said all the test are normal.  But I suffer from hypochnodria, which means I always think I have a disease.  This is horrible
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Thanks everyone for your responses.  May God bless all of you
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I'm glad I'm not the only one! My Mom has called me a hypocondiac for years. Although I have not seen a professional and been diagnosed I feel like I have everything. If I have some pains I will group together symptoms and BAM I have some kind of disease! I've been checked and tests ran and I'm as healthy as can be, besides PVC's with my heart which is a prmemature beat, and those are anxiety induced but harmless. I suffer from anxiety disorder just like you do and am 35 weeks pregnant. The only thing I can tell you is many many women in their first trimester can't eat due to morning sickness. My friend honestly went like a week straight with NOTHING. She had IV's in the hospital but couldn't keep anything down. And she's pregnant with not just one but two babies!! They are in their 33rd week and very healthy. You have fat atored up in your body and the baby will take those when you're unable to get anything in ya. If you can make sure to drink milk, or OJ things like that to replace some vitamins and make sure to take prental vitamins and snack on crackers or or maybe grahm crakcers when you can. And anxiety does seem to get worse in pregnancy, can't remmeber if it's this website or the womens forum that had another girl experiencing anxiety in pregnancy. I know you probably already have it, but it does seem to worsen. There are medications you can go on during your pregnancy so maybe talk to your OB. You will be in my prayers, congrats on this pregnancy and remember this is a wonderful thing and try and enjoy it as much as you can ok :)
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