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Red raspberry tea

I was told that if you drink red raspberry tea it could help you to go into labor. I am due any day now, and just wanted to help speed up the process. I bought some tea at the grocery store, but it is called red raspberry herb tea. Is this the right kind, or do you have to buy the actual leaves at a health food store? I was just wondering if what I am drinking is doing any good! Please let me know if you have any info on this subject! Thanks!
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I have never heard of red rasberry to help you go into labor and I have been studying herbs for over ten years. However, it is very good for the uterus and brings a lot of vitamins to the placenta.
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not red raspberry tea raspberry leaf tea totally 2 different things no it wont make you go into labour unless your ready be patient it will happen howevr using a breastpump may help.
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No, red raspberry leaf will not make you go into labor.  What it does is strengthen and tone the uterus to make a more productive labor (ie: faster and less painful).  The earlier in pregnancy that you start to drink it the better the results, though some people question whether you should take it in early pregnancy.  Raspberry tea is NOT the same thing.  There are two brands that I know of, Yogi teas, and Traditional Medicinals, that make a raspberry leaf tea.  Also, almost all teas marketed specifically for pregnant women have red rasberry leaf in them.  You can also try nettle tea, as it has many of the same properties as red raspberry leaf.  Check this out if you are interested in reading about other's experiences with red raspberry leaf: http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=347728

Good luck!
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Thank you! I drank alot of the red raspberry tea yesterday and it gave me the worst headache of my life! It would not go away no matter what I did! The tea was caffeine free, but I got the headache about 1 hour after I started drinking it and when I woke up this morning it was gone! It was horrible and I can't believe that I drank all that tea and it was not the right kind of tea! I am going to check into the red raspberry leaf tea from a health food store. I sent my husband to get the tea, so I can't expect him to come home with the right stuff. He did his best! Do you know any other at home remedies that are suppossed to help with inducing labor at home? I am due at any time now, but do not want to have to be induced again! They induced me at 39 1/2 weeks pregant and it did not work. My cervix is unfavorable. They are checking me on Wednesday and if my cervix is still not responding, then they want to try to induce me again! I can't go through that again! It was exhausting! They won't let me go past my due date due to my size and the babies size! I also have horrible back problems and the failed labor induction really messed me up. I looked like I got beat up when I left the hospital! I really would like to try to speed things along on my own before they try to induce me again! I am scared and can't do it! Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Are we allowed to post answers to this?  My friend's doctor told her about a simle OTC remedy to induce labor and it worked--but she wasn't supposed to tell people about it (or say that her doc recommended it)!  I'm scared to post it here and then everyone does it when they shouldn't.  IP can email me at lynn at lynnhowell dot com

I'll post it here if I'm allowed...anyone know for sure?
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I just went and bought the red raspberry leaf tea,from the gmc store.The man that works there said his wife is a baby doctor and the tea does work.I will post another comment if anything happens by tonight.I am 1 cm and 75% effaced.my name is tiny
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It's just good for the uterus and helps with labor if taken before and during pregnancy.  I took red raspberry leaves in capsule form during my entire pregnancy as recommended and supported by my mid-wife and Dr.
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