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What are the symptoms of reflux for a baby? Aubryana doesn't spit up a lot, only maybe six times since she was born two weeks ago today, but she hates sleeping laying down. The last few nights (BAD BAD mommy I know) I've fallen asleep with her on me because she either won't sleep in her bassinet alone or it's cause she doesn't like sleeping on her back. Right now she's sleeping sitting propped up on my chest...She's exclusively breast fed, no binkis or bottles...
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I do remember Elijah wanting to be held when he was asleep and not laid down, but it's been two years...I don't remember all this newborn stuff!
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I have had one that had reflux but I didn't start seeing symptoms until she was about 6 weeks old or so.  She didn't spit up either and that is very common w/ breastfed babies.  She just would get really fussy no matter what I did.  She would cry and stiffen up her body.  I could tell she was in pain.  I took her in for her check up and mentioned it to the doctor.  So she asked me a few questions about how she would cry and her crying positions (the stiffening of the body), and prescribed some Zantac for her.  It helped for a little while but then it seemed to stop working.  Doc said that was also not unusual and put her on Prevacid and Rebecca was like a different child.

I would def recommend laying Aubryana down w/ her bed slightly inclined.  This also can help w/ reflux issues.
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ariana has reflux-- typical symptoms to look for are this:
* spitting up frequently and large amounts
* overly fussy
* arching back when crying
* constant hunger (babies will often want to eat to soothe their throat)
* preference to sleep propped up or on tummy

i feel like there are more but my mind is just dead right now. if you think she has reflux you should talk to her pediatrician--but she may just like to be held when she's going to sleep!!
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I began seeing signs of silent reflux when we were still in the hospital. The baby making funny faces, me hearing her swallow stuff back down, but never seeing any spit up. It got worse after 2 weeks, and by 4 weeks was so bad we tried meds.

Some babies under-eat, others over-eat. Mine over-ate to soothe her throat.
Some spit up a lot (typical reflux) others don't spit up (silent reflux).
My baby would stiffen and arch her back and scream. Burps made her scream. Hiccups made her scream. It wasn't fussing, but pain.
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my last two have had reflux...I dont remember so much with DS all his symptoms, I just know we had an upper GI done and it was really bad, so they put him on meds, and he also had a little cereal in his bottle with certain formula...but, with DD, 4 months now...she did not spit up, but after eating she would cry and sound like she was choking, and gagging...so we switched her to similas RS, but since you are BF I am not sure on how to help with that....

the only other thing I would say to do, is if you can put something under the mattress of her bassinett to just slightly elevate her head and see if that helps..but, also ask your pediatrician, what you could do also....
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looking like they are spitting up but nothing come sup is reflux, If it comes up alot then that is most likey from the flap above th estomach not closed off yet, which is more common with boys. If it is the flap then it will get better in time and only if they are loosing weight you hve to worry about it. They spit up instantly after they eat from the flap. Reflux is more about 20-30 moin after they eat. If it is reflux I would look at the Nanny napper I think it is called. It is a chair made for that purpose and for abbies that don;t like to lay down. It has straps and is safe. ALso they ahve a wedge for the matteress. Now since she is BF if it is the falp as long as she is getting the hind milk good she should not loose weight as it will stay down. That is what Caleb had and Henry has the reflux. Oh they seem to choke with the reflux too but it is nto a problem and they just need this stuff called Colic Ease you get at precious arrows midwifery and I think it is like $8.50 or maybe less. It is natural and not gripe water but different! It helps but anything you put in their bellies will change the flora in theri and also the digestive tract and can casue other problems, especially meds! You might try a chro adjustment. Henry has had them since birth and they do not pop them, very gentle touching like a soft rub and done. It helped him and he slept lltos right after them too!

So reflux is:
swallowing alot like spitting up with nothing
choking on spit up but again not seeing it
20-30 min after they eat soemtimes 15 min w/BF babies
squirming in that length of time also if laying down, like all the sudden

The flap is:
projectile vomiting tons right after they eat
soaking both of you:)

sometimes caffine and of course other foods will make reflux without it being an ongoign problem, and is and will go away like regular tummy upsets.

Hope this helps ya! Oh and baby massage is great! Counter clockwise and to the sides and straight down helps the belly and leg curls to keep things moving good. You probable know al lthat but My little ones love it:)

Oh and none of mine liked sleeping on thier backs at all and I layed them alternating on sides, that is how I was too put my oldest with the flap problem per dr. But the nap nappy might be what you need! Made by a mom!
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I JUST went to a pediatric feeding/dysphagia conference two weeks ago (I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist) and we were discussing the signs of reflux in children. Believe it or not, some Pediatricians are starting to recommend that reflux babies sleep on their stomach...but so many parents are reluctant to do so because of the SIDS info and we've all been taught to lay them on their back for all these years. When they're on the stomach, the contents in their tummies lies below the level of the opening into the stomach, so there is no pressure on the valve causing it to open and allow stomach contents to exit and head up the esphagus. When babies lay on their back, the pressure on the sphinctor is so great that stomach content (acid, bile, food) leaks through the valve and starts the burning sensation in their esophagus. If your baby has reflux, this is the reason why she sleeps so well on you.

Since most people don't want their babies sleeping on their tummies, the best position is to be reclining in a "baby papasan" or one of those comfy baby seats that everyone has these days.  If they're sitting too far up towards a sitting position, their stomachs are pushed upward by their intestines which also causes pressure on the stomach opening and will cause reflux.  

Another sign of reflux is coughing or wheezing.  Some babies who are experiencing reflux in their sleep are aspirating (breathing it into their lungs) which could cause Pneumonia.  The natural reflex to matter entering the airway is to cough, so this could be another sign that something is going on.

This is mostly for toddlers because babies do not know how to swallow their extra saliva until they get a little older--but, excessive drooling in toddlers and preschool age children is another sign of reflux.  The the PH level in the esphagus gets high do to excessive exposure to acid (in the stomach contents), the body's natural defense is to produce more saliva so that it will be swallowed and help to neutralize the acid and return the PH back to normal.  

Now I'm rambling.  Don't give her meds for reflux without trying other formulas...so many Drs are quick to prescribe meds before trying other options first.  Also, as she gets a little older, do not feed her in a Bumbo seat. I cringe when I see parents doing this because it's a very uncomfortable way to be sitting during a meal and puts way too much pressure on the stomach opening. Good luck with everything :)
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@g8r grl - thanks for your post! Read this at 5am when my one-month old daughter was gagging and wheezing. I put her in an inclined seat and it helped a little, then I turned her over on her stomach in the seat (made sure her head was to the side and could breathe and watched her for awhile). She went right to sleep! The SIDS makes me nervous, but the incline and the way the seat is shaped makes me think the stomach is ok. Thank you!
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Thanks @mom2ariana. I've noticed my one-month old arching her back lately and tonight was gagging. Didn't realize it was reflux. i thought she just caught a cold. I put her on an incline and on her stomach (made sure she has room to breathe-SIDS still makes me nervous) and it was much better.
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