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Slow hcg drop after ectopic...

I had a cornual ectopic pregnancy that was diagnosed at 9 weeks.  I was given a shot of kcl and methotrexate.  Here are my HCGs over the past 9/10 weeks:

April 12 - 100,000 (1st dose of metho for cornual pregnancy)
April 17 - 87,000
April 20 - 65,000
April 25 - 42,000
May 1 - 14,000 (passed sac and had u/s in ER to confirm)
May 9 - 363
May 17 - 116
May 24 - 72 (had follow-up u/s - showed that all was clear)
May 31 - 40 (started taking PNVs again)
June 7 - 26
June 14 - 21

Two weeks ago I started to get excited that I was almost at zero. The last two tests however have made me and DH very discouraged. Has anyone else had the last 100 or so go this slowly? I think I know the answer to this question already, but is there anything we can do to speed up the process? We are going away at the end of this month and I know the first AF can be horrible and I'd like to get it over with before we go...
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I didn't keep all my results in writing, but I do know that at 3 days post metho, my hcg was 7700; 7 days post- 5549, 14 days post- 1445. 3 weeks after that, my level was 15. So, it was a little over 5 weeks for my levels to get close to 0, and my hcg was not nearly as high as yours. But, don't be surprised if AF doesn't show right away. It was another 2 weeks (after hitting 15)that AF showed up. And it was not any worse than any other AF I had before.
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when i got the shot of metho on april 28 my hcg level was 954 than aweek after that it went to 633 the next week it went 331 the following wk it was 108 than the next wk 33 and the wk after it was 3 and now this wk my test came back a 2 so i guess it does take time good luck with your progress
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