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Stressed out TTC

Hi everyone. I know that during the "fertile time" it is best to have sex every other day, but this is getting stressful. I'm not sure when my fertile time is, or how long my cycles are, so I started TTC every other day right after I stopped AF. I'm using an Ovulation Predictor Kit too. So far today was my 9th day of using the OPK. I had one stick two days ago that showed 2 blue lines, but the "surge" line was not as dark or darker than the "test" line. Since then I haven't seen a "surge" line with that much color again. I read you can't compare day to day, it is just a straight up yes or no answer, but do you think I may have already ovulated? With my work schedule, and my husband working and going to school full time, it is so hard to have sex every other day, I was hoping the OPK would help us out some so we would know when it was most important to be trying. But, now I'm not sure how reliable it is. Has anyone else had reliable results with an OPK? If we are going to try every other day, is there really any need for the OPK? Thanks! Kristen
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Kristen, I don't know if this will help you, but this is what my OB(fertility specialist) recommended. For 10 days after the last day of your AF have sex every other day. I had never used an OPK or tracked my temp. or any of that stuff. And it worked the first time. I never knew when I ovulated or even if I did. It is hard trying to keep that regimen of every other day, but stay positive and know you're in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hello Kristen,
I found this to be extremely helpful in determining my cycle and ovulation time. I have not gotten pregnant yet, but at least I have an online calendar. Give it a try...it is simple and you won't have to brake the bank account to find that one day :) - Emi

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I Highly recommend the OPK.  I was on BC for 5 years straight and then got off Dec of 02.  My cycles were always on time until I got off the BC pill.  My cycles varied from 28 to 36 days and I never knew when I was ovulating.  My DH and I tried for about 4 months by the CVM method and no luck.  We decided to try the OVP and it worked first try.  I had to buy 2 of them because of the amount of sticks I needed.  It told me when I was ovulating it worked.  I am now 18 weeks pregnant.  I understand that this does  not happen to everyone but it is worth the try.  I really do not Recommend the Basal Body Temp method...my dr told me that it tells you after the fact that you have ovulated.  Give the OPK a try and keep us posted and buy more sticks if you need to!

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Thanks for your advice. I'll keep using the OPK, I actually bought a second kit already, the first one had 7 sticks. I'm wondering because of my crazy work schedule, if that will affect the reliability. I work nights, so my sleep schedule varies, but I try to always wait 4 hours since the last time I went the to bathroom before I test. I hope it's true about sperm able to live for several days waiting for an egg. We haven't had sex for 2 days! We missed a day! So I better get rested up because tonight we gotta try! The kit says I haven't ovulated, so maybe I'm still safe. Thanks again, Kristen
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I had to buy 2 kits as well.  7 was not enough for me.
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