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Toddler with bump behind right ear

My toddler(21months) has a pretty large bump/ lump behind her right ear.  It is almost the size of a quarter and noticeable just by looking at her.  We just noticed today.  She had a cold and ear infection about 3 weeks ago and was treated with amoxicillin.  We went back to doctor about a week ago and said ear was still inflamed but not infected.  Does seem sore to the touch for her.  Does it warrant another trip to doctor?  
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It sounds like a swollen lymph node,  and it's normal for them to look like a little round pea after an infection,  but what you're describing,  I'd take her back in.
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My nine month old baby had surgery done for having an infected limph node, they had to cut it open and extract all the yacky stuff out.i suggest you take your baby to the doctor and ask for an ultrasound. Blood tests showed she had no infection because it was all contained in the ball walls, it took  many  trips to the doctor to figure out that because we were unaware of the ball she had.they had to have her with a different kind of antibiotic because amoxicillin didnt work. Good luck, wish your baby does not have that and it be just some inflamation for the ear infection but if possible ask for an ultrasound .
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