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Vaginal discharge during early pregnancy - What's normal?

I already have a question posted under "Increasing HCG levels, but u/s not matching gestational age".  You might want to read that to know my history.  I have been noticing an occassional discharge off and on.  It's not brown or red... just a sort of light beige.  It's not heavy, just a slight showing on my pantyliner.  I was reading a book that said that an increase in a whitish discharge is normal.  Has anyone else out there had this occur during a normal preganacy or is it only supposed to be white.  Please if anyone knows.///Thank You
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i have. it's suppposed to be cream colored or white. it's because of the increasing levels of progesterone in your body. totally normal.
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I already posted this in the wrong section, sorry!
  I am 8 weeks and have had tan discharge.  There isnt much of it and it isnt all the time.  I noticed it last night when i wiped.  Im not having any pain.  I read that some women "spot" around the time they would have normally had a period.  Anyone had the same?  Please, any news good or bad would be helpful.  thank you...
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Hi! I am also 8 weeks pg and i am having the same discharge...my dr told it's a yeast infection and just to take monistat...so call your doc, it might be the same thing. it's very common in early pregnancy...hope this helps!
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I  am trying to get pregnant. I have been for almost two months, I have taken a few pregnancy tests and they all say negative. But I have not had my period since we started trying. I also have noticed that I am having tan/beige colored vaginal discharge. Is this a sign of pregnancy??
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I also been trying to get pregnant.I taught i was because my breast are hurting ,urinating often than usual ,i saw a sign of spotting and white discharge and then i saw some brownish pale blood the next day.If i am pregnant i will be only  2 weeks or so .Can that be implantation bleeding.  
I also did a pregnant test before that and it was negative but i think it was too early .Can all these be symptoms of pregnancy are the symptoms of period?       by aisha_27***@****
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I did my first pregnancy test today and it was positive, this will be my third pregnancy, but i also realised that i had a beige discharge this evening, i never had this with previous pregnancies, but it is great to hear that it seems normal, as i was getting a lil worried.
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